Proof Positive People Can Find Romance at Online Cigar Stores

Posted by Corona Cigar Co. on Nov 2 2016

Proof Positive People Can Find Romance at Online Cigar Stores

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We’ve all heard of people finding love in coffee houses and cigar bars but did you know that it’s possible to find romance while perusing our cigar store offerings too? It’s true as long as you use your imagination and pick up the right cigars. Let’s start with one of our favorite brands, Romeo y Julieta. They were first rolled more than 300 years after a certain English playwright relayed a tale with the very same title. Oh, and by the way, the popular cigar manufacturer claims to have come up with the company’s name based on the story. So doesn’t it just make sense to associate the cigars with romantic murmurings?

If you’re not into Shakespeare and cigars named after romantic plays, don’t worry. You could always grab a bundle of Cuban inspired cigars and recreate a few scenes from the 2004 film, Blowing Smoke. In case you don’t remember it, the film focuses on a group of male cigar smokers and their thoughts on the opposite sex. Okay, so it's not the kind of film that will give your lady friends the “warm and fuzzies” but you’ll get to hear a lot of pickup lines and see more than a few Cubans go up in flames. The list of cigar brands that would go well with your trip into the movie archives includes, but isn’t confined to La Aroma de CubaSan Cristobal and Tatuaje.

Of course, you could skip all that drama and watch films featuring one of Hollywood’s cigar-smoking, romantic, leading men. One guy that comes to mind is actor Michael Douglas. Can anyone say Fatal Attraction, Romancing the Stone, Ghosts of Girlfriends Past, Disclosure and The American President? Over the years, he’s been associated with several cigar brands, including Montecristo. We currently have them in stock at our online cigar store. So grab a few and smoke them while you're watching the films.

To learn more and find a cigar that’s sure to stir up a bit of passion on a Friday or Saturday night, please contact us at the Corona Cigar Company. We have plenty of premium offerings for romantic men and ladies. So you’re sure to find just the right ones.