Colibri Cutters

The SV-Cut Cigar Cutter by Colibri is a 2-in-1 combo of the popular Colibri S-Cut and V-Cut Cigar Cutters. This new cutter combines two different types of cuts without sacrificing any of the function. The V-Cut side cuts a deep and clean "V" for all types of cigars including figurados and preferidos. The S-Cut side can accomodate up to a 68-70 ring gauge cigar with ease. The shape and durability of the Colibri SV-Cut Cigar Cutter makes it a pleasure to use and guarantees clean cuts on all cigars. **2-Year warranty included with the Colibri SV-Cut Cigar Cutter**

With a push of a button, the Firebird Afterburner Triple Jet Lighter will ignite, three powerful jets come together in a triple jet flame igniting your cigar in seconds. Brought to you by Colibri, the Firebird Afterburner Triple Jet Lighter has a flip top and visible fuel window on the base of the torch.

The Firebird Viper V-Cutter is a single action cutter made by Colibri. Like a viper's tongue, the Firebird Viper V-Cutter will expertly slice through the cap of the cigar in one swift cut. Equipped with a keychain, you'll never be without a cutter.

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