Staff Picks

Find your favorite Corona Cigar staff members to see what cigars they recommend!

Name: Garrick 

Favorite Cigar: Ferio Tego Elegancia

"This cigar has an interesting transition, it's on the mild side but full enough in flavor to not be boring.”


Name: Braden

Favorite Cigar: FSG by Drew Estate

“It’s such a unique and enjoyable cigar that features delicious notes of citrus and grass that you get from the Florida tobacco!”

Name: Daylen

Favorite Cigar: Avo XO

"Silky smooth. Perfectly paired with a kiss and a coffee on a Sunday morning."

Name: Matthew 

Favorite Cigar: Padron Family Reserve

“If I can only smoke one cigar for the rest of my life, this would be it!”

Name: Sharina

Favorite Cigar: Long Live The Queen 

"This cigar is a fantastic medium body of an earthy smoothness that you cant deny!"

Name: "G.I." Joe 

Favorite Cigar: Padron 46 Natural

“Perfect construction and draw with notes of cedar, cream, and baking spices!”

Name: Daniel 

Favorite Cigar:  Deadwood Fat Bottom Betty

"Bold, flavorful, and beautifully crafted. Boasting rich notes of cocoa, espresso, and subtle sweetness."

Name: Marilyn

Favorite Cigar: Ashton VSG

"The most flavorful cigar for a daily smoke!"

Name: Rafael

Favorite Cigar: Padron 2000 Maduro

"The consistency and flavor of this cigar is above and beyond!"