Rewards Program

Welcome to the Corona Cigar Co. Rewards Program! We hold loyalty above all else, and want to offer you, our valued customer, a way to be rewarded for that! The Rewards Program is a simple, straight forward way to earn points for buying the cigars you enjoy.Every dollar spent earns you one point toward future discounts and promos.Points can be earned in-store or online; the more you buy... the more you earn! 

Not only will you receive discounts and special offers, but you will be among the first to receive exclusive emails featuring new products, limited releases, related products, and sales! We will keep you in the loop and up-to-date on the products you buy the mostand ones you might be interested in, taking the guess-work out of shopping for cigars,giving you more time spent enjoying them! 

Sign-up today and receive an additional 10 points on your first purchase! There is absolutely no charge to become a member. Simply place your order and proceed to the checkout screen to start earning points today. 

How to use Rewards Points (Online)  

1. For every 250 points accumulated, $10 Corona Bucks (CB) will be rewarded. These Corona Bucks can be used toward any future purchase, or can be exchanged for special cigar merchandise. Points can be accumulated to the maximum of 5000 points or $200 CB (Corona Bucks). This is the maximum amount that can be used in a single transaction. Any additional points will roll over toward the next purchase. Corona Bucks can be redeemed in increments of $10 CB / 250 points only, up to the max of $200 CB / 5000 points in a single transaction.  


2. Rewards Points balances can be viewed by clicking the app pop-up in the lower left-hand corner(REWARDS in green) on any web page at  


3. If you have accrued points eligible for rewards, click “Claim Reward” on that selection, and claim your code to renew. This code must be entered at checkout to apply your Reward.

Corona Bucks can be used toward any cigar purchases, cigar merchandise or can be traded for special priced purchases. Corona Bucks cannot be used for tax payment, cannot be redeemed for egift cards, gift cards, the Cigars of the Month Club subscriptions, beverages or cash, and may only be used by the loyalty card owner. 

Please look at the Rewards Program - Terms & Conditions page for more information.   

Rewards Points Renew