Limited Edition Cigar Boxes Offer Buyers the Best of Both Worlds

Posted by Corona Cigar Co. on Nov 2 2016

Limited Cigars

Limited Edition Cigar Boxes Offer Buyers the Best of Both Worlds

Have you seen the latest limited edition cigars to hit our online store? In our opinion, they offer cigar lovers everywhere the best of two worlds. Why? Not only do they include fantastic cigars, the cigar boxes that keep them safe are a nod to the cigar industry’s long, rich history. Please allow us to explain by offering a quick look back:

According to Collector’s Weekly and books like Tony Hyman’s Handbook of Cigar Boxes, cigar boxes didn’t come into widespread use until 1864, with the passing of the Revenue Act. It wasn’t until the tax law of 1878 when novelty cigar boxes came into play. The law essentially allowed cigar manufacturers to deviate from the design specifications spelled out in previous legislation. Consequently, in the years that followed, cigar makers got very ingenious with their packaging.

Today, many of those old cigar boxes are extremely collectible, fetching hefty paydays for owners that are willing to part with their treasures. Now we’re not saying that every limited-edition cigar box is going to be a high dollar auction item in the years to come, but they certainly have potential. The list of examples includes, but isn’t limited to cigar brands like Tatuaje, Cohiba, Selected Tobacco and Davidoff. So as we said before, those that buy our limited edition offerings are truly getting the best of both worlds.

To date, we have a wide range of limited edition cigars in stock. Therefore, for the serious collector, it may pay off to buy one of each and keep them safe for the years to come. Those that do decide to purchase our limited edition cigars now may be able to take advantage of special pricing and free shipping. With that said, to learn more about our latest shipment of limited edition cigars and begin your collection of stylish cigar boxes today, please contact us at the Corona Cigar Company.