Selected Tobacco

Headed by Nelson Alfonso, Selected Tobacco features three lines of premium cigar smoking enjoyment. Nelson Alfonso has kept tobacco specifics close to the vest with Atabey, Byron and Alfonso only disclosing the country of origin (Costa Rica) and factory (Tabacos de Costa Rica). Despite this secrecy, his lines continue to impress, amaze and tantalize our palates. Selected Tobacco’s Atabey line debuted in 2012 and became the most prominent of his brands. The Atabey cigar takes its name from Taino Indian mythology, where Atabey represents the mother goddess, and is associated with giving life to the cultivation of tobacco and agriculture in general. Selected Tobacco also produces the Byron line paying homage to the original Lord Byron brand which was co-created by Alfonso’s great-great-great grandfather in Cuba circa 1850. Lastly, Selected Tobacco’s Alfonso line was released in 2022, featuring the creators’ name, Alfonso. If you haven’t tried a cigar by Selected Tobacco, the time is now!  

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