Todos Las Dias

Loosely translated to "All the days," Todos Las Dias is the limited production puro line created by Saka Nicaraguan. It is a cigar designed to honor the endless effort that the workers at his company give to make some of the greatest cigars in the world.

According to Saka, his workers have hearts of fire, which is why the Todos Las Dias is a spicy cigar that is dominated by a powerful peppery taste. It starts off rather smooth, though heavy even on the first puff, and escalates in body throughout the stick. There are no notes or hints hiding in the flavor. The flavor in every inch is obvious and powerful.

There is no question, this is not a cigar for an amateur cigar smoker. Even experienced smokers have been known to tear up before finishing the entire stick. The entire purpose of the cigar is to give you an experience that you will not soon forget.

Despite the limited production this powerful cigar is available in Half Churchill, Robusto, Double Wide Belicoso, and Toro, all sold at 10 sticks to a box. If you love a powerful cigar as much as we do, we recommend that you buy multiple boxes so you can smoke them as the name suggests: all the days.

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