Cigar Gift Guide for Every Occasion

Cigar Gift Guide for Every Occasion

Apr 30 2024

Buying a gift for a cigar lover may feel daunting at first if you're diving into the cigar world head first, but there are many cool gifts you can buy to elevate their smoking experience and make them feel special. From cigars, sampler packs and gift sets to lighters, humidors and candles, this guide is packed full of cigar gift ideas any smoker will love.


One of the best gifts you can give that cigar lover in your life is, of course, a cigar! Most cigar smokers will cherish a premium cigar on special occasions and even share it with friends and family. The more expensive ones are also a treat if they don't usually buy them for themselves. However, don't stress too much about the price if you have a smaller budget — any cigar smoker will love a cigar as a present, especially if it's their favorite kind or something new to try.

We've listed some of our bestsellers and other cigar gift recommendations below to help you pick out cigars for a gift:

Bestselling Cigars

If your gift recipient is new to cigars or is feeling adventurous, you can't go wrong with a cigar from a bestselling list. These are the cigars the store has sold the most by volume, so it's completely unbiased and a great indication of what most people like. If a lot of other customers enjoy them, the cigar lover in your life just might too. Especially if you're unsure which cigar to buy, choosing a cigar from a bestseller list is a safe bet.

Sampler Packs

Go a little further by gifting a sampling pack full of different types and brands of cigars. Sampling packs are a great gift for cigar smokers to try out new smokes or enjoy other types from their favorite brands. They come in packs of as little as five cigars to over 20, allowing your giftee to experience a wide range to find their favorite.

You can choose a sampler pack with different types of cigars from the same brand or ones with the same type of cigar — such as the same length, shape, flavor or strength — but from various brands. Corona Cigar Co. Cigar Samples offer fantastic savings and exciting combinations from some of the best cigar brands.

Gift Sets

If you're looking for cigars to give to someone who loves a specific brand of cigar, a cigar gift set is a great option. Cigar sets contain a range of cigars from one brand in gorgeous packaging, sometimes with added accessories. For example, some sets come with whiskey glasses and stones, humidors or cigar rests that are usable even when your gifted cigars are finished.

Another gift set idea is one that contains a selection of cigars from Cigar Aficionado's yearly list to really spoil your loved one with a premium smoking experience. You can also grab them a cigar pack containing a few sticks of their absolute favorite cigars so they're stocked up. These packs offer significant savings too!

Cigars of the Month Club Subscriptions

Give the gift that keeps on giving with a subscription to the Corona Cigar Co. Cigars of the Month Club! Every month, your giftee can look forward to receiving six cigars selected by our experts in the mail. Plus, they'll get exclusive discount codes for buying that month's cigars.

If you want to really spoil them, go for our Premium Cigars of the Month Club. This option includes five highly rated, sought-after cigars and 10% off all future orders as long as they're subscribed.

Tasting Packages

Whiskey, bourbon, cognac, rum, wine, beer — alcohol makes a luxurious pairing with cigars. If your loved one enjoys a drink while they smoke, consider gifting them a bespoke cigar and alcohol-tasting package. These contain both cigars and alcohol in one gift bundle that makes for an excellent event or celebration gift.

Tasting package pairings provide a satisfying experience where the cigar flavors are enhanced. Most reputable cigar stores sell tasting packages curated by cigar experts, so you know the pairing is compatible. You can choose a tasting package based on your giftee's cigar and alcohol preferences or try one of our exclusive packages for a unique experience.

What to Consider When Gifting Cigars

Choosing a cigar as a gift doesn't have to be stressful. Follow our tips below to help you pick a cigar that suits your giftee's personal preferences and the occasion.


If you're buying cigars for special occasions, consider the setting of the event before you choose your gift. If it's a social gathering where a lot of people may join in, pick a medium-bodied cigar everyone will enjoy and aim for a larger ring gauge so it lasts longer. If there will be newbie cigar smokers present, buy a milder smoke.

Consider the venue and amount of people as well — if the event has a lot of people in a small space, a light-bodied cigar will emit a lighter aroma that won't bother the people around as much.


Most cigar smokers know what they enjoy, whether it's one particular cigar or the excitement of trying new ones. Whatever the case may be, ascertain these preferences before purchasing their gift. You can either ask outright which cigar is their favorite, or you can be sneaky to keep it as a surprise. To accomplish this, take a picture of their current cigars and ask an expert to help you identify them or find something else they'll enjoy.

Here are just a few cigar characteristics to consider when purchasing cigars for someone else:

  • Brand: There are a variety of cigar brands on the market, each with varying levels of quality. Buy from a high-quality brand for the best experience.
  • Flavor: Cigars can have sweet, woody, natural or nutty notes, depending on the tobacco. The flavor and aroma of cigars are a matter of personal taste, and no matter how much you spend on a cigar, the giftee may not enjoy it if they don't like the flavor. Some people like a wide range of flavors, while others only prefer a particular kind.
  • Strength: A cigar's strength refers to the amount of nicotine it has and ranges from mild to medium and then bold, which is the strongest kind. Most smokers — especially beginners — will enjoy a mild or medium smoke, while experienced smokers may enjoy the kick from a stronger cigar.
  • Size: Cigars come in various shapes and sizes, and the size dictates their intensity and how long they burn. Thinner cigars are usually more potent and burn quicker, while longer, thicker cigars are mild and burn slowly. A medium-sized cigar will last long enough and pack enough flavor to be enjoyed by most smokers.

Gifts for Cigar Lovers

If you're nervous about giving cigars or looking to add something extra to your gift, you can't go wrong with accessories. These gifts will last much longer than a stogie and remind them of you whenever they're in use.


There's nothing more important to a cigar smoker — other than cigars themselves, of course — than having a trusty lighter on hand. And if you're gifting one, why not buy a slightly more luxurious one they'll use for years? A good quality, elegant lighter will enhance the smoking experience and make it easier to light a cigar in less-than-ideal conditions, like on a windy golf course.

You can buy a premium lighter from Corona Cigar Co. We have different shapes and types available such as tabletop, torch, flip-top and car lighters. You can also choose between single, double, triple and even quad flames depending on the ring gauge of the cigars you're you need to light. Some of our lighters in stock have extra perks, like cool patterns, built-in cutters and wind-resistant torch flames. Consider your giftee's favorite cigar brand and lighter type preferences when choosing to find the one they'll enjoy the most.


Another relatively inexpensive gift you can buy as part of a cigar-focused present is a cigar cutter. Most cigars need one end cut off to be properly smoked, and a high-quality cutter will get the job done efficiently and painlessly. There are various types of cutters available to choose from, such as guillotine, punch, V and scissor cutters. Each type of cutter affects the ease and feel of the smoke, as well as the flavor intensity. Find out what your giftee prefers, or purchase a guillotine cutter if they're a beginner or you're unsure.

We stock various premium cutters — consider buying a Vertigo and Xikar cutter, our bestsellers. We also stock sets so you can buy cutters and lighters that match.


Ashtrays are a crucial element of the cigar-smoking ritual and make for a classy addition to any smoking setup. Choose a premium ashtray with cigar holders for the most convenience, and consider one based on your gift recipient's favorite cigar brand. Ashtrays come in various shapes, sizes, colors and patterns, so you can match the ashtray's aesthetic to their room or style.

We stock the best cigar ashtrays available, from our own Corona Cigar Co. Series to well-known names like FSG and Deadwood. We also have some luxurious ashtrays that would make the perfect splurge gift.


If the cigar-smoker in your life enjoys packing a few cigars with them for a business trip, special occasion or holiday, they'll appreciate a luxurious cigar case. The best cigar cases are small and compact while offering ample space for a few cigars and humidity control to ensure they survive the trip. Consider your giftee's personal style and where they'll store it to help inform your choice.

At Corona Cigar Co, we stock stylish and durable cases in varying materials, colors and sizes. Our cases are cedar-lined to preserve the cigar's taste and can hold between two and 10 cigars, depending on the size. You can choose between different materials like leather and carbon fiber or choose a case that is adjustable in length. We also stock branded cases for those who adore a specific cigar brand.


When you leave cigars out in a room with fluctuating humidity levels, they can become dry and lose their flavor in as little as an hour. Keep a cigar smoker's gift or cigar stash in top condition for years with a humidor. These storage containers maintain the right humidity level for cigars to stay fresh.

The size of the humidor depends on how many cigars the giftee wants to keep on hand and where they need to take them. For a collector, you may want to buy a large humidor with trays and dividers that can hold up to 300 cigars. A small or medium humidor will be sufficient for someone just starting out. If they like taking their cigars with them, get them a travel humidor, which can hold between five and 15 cigars while still being compact and portable.


If your gift recipient has a dedicated room or space to smoke in, you may want to give them a Smoke Odor Exterminator Candle. They release a pleasing fragrance into the air like normal candles, but they also contain a special enzyme formula that removes the smell of smoke and other strong odors. Plus, these candles burn for nearly 70 hours, so your loved one will get a lot of use out of their gift. Our customers particularly love the Creamy Vanilla, Cinnamon Apple and Sandalwood smells from the Smoke Odor Exterminator range.

Gift Cards

We've all been there — it's the night before a party, and you've yet to find the right gift. In these situations, gift cards from a cigar shop are a lifesaver. Simply purchase them online and send them to your recipient. You can even print one out and place it in a nice envelope to up the presentation. Then they can buy exactly what they want when it's convenient for them. Even when you're not in a pinch, a gift card is an excellent choice anyone would appreciate, and it saves you from having to guess what they might want.

You can order gift cards from Corona Cigar Co. in values of $10, $25, $50, $100, $150, $200, $300, $400 and $500. When your giftee gets their voucher, they can use it to buy cigar products from our online store or at any of our retail locations.

Find the Best Gifts for Cigar Smokers From Corona Cigar Co.

Whether you're looking for cigar gifts for men or women, Corona Cigar Co. has it all. We're the largest online cigar store offering the finest cigars and accessories at the lowest price possible. Each product is selected by people who truly love cigars, so you know you're buying the best of the best. Don't just take our word for it — see what our past customers have to say!

Browse our online store today to see what we have on offer, or call us at 1-888-702-4427 for assistance. Our team is happy to answer any questions and help you find the right cigars for your loved one.