Tatuaje Advent Calendars

Get in the holiday spirit with an exclusive Advent Calendar from Tatuaje! It includes 24 cigars total, all of which measure in at 4 1/2" x 46.

The 2021 (Green Version): 15 of the 24 cigars come from the Tatuaje and L'Atelier lines while the other 9 cigars come from the Monster Series line. All 24 cigars included in the 2021 Tatuaje Advent Calendar are: 1x Cabaiguan, 1x Cabaiguan Guapos Natural, 1x El Triunfador, 1x Fausto, 1x L’Atelier, 1x La Mission, 1x Négociant, 1x Surrogates Tramp Stamp, 1x Tatuaje Black Label, 1x Tatuaje Brown Label, 1x Tatuaje Havana VI, 1x Tatuaje ME II, 1x Tatuaje Nuevitas Jibaro, 1x Tatuaje Tattoo, 1x Tatuaje Verocú, 5x Undisclosed Monster Series, 1x Tatuaje Pumpkin, 2x Undisclosed Holiday-Themed, and 1x Undisclosed Limited.

The 2022 (Blue Version): Pete Johnson has decided to keep the 2022 Tatuaje Advent Calendar a secret. He says that only 7 of the cigars from the 2021 Advent Calendar will reappear in this one. The sizes of the cigars are the same, 4 1/2" x 46, but the rest is a mystery. “The Advents are supposed to be a secret of what is behind each door so I prefer not to go into details of the exact cigars in each calendar,” Johnson said.

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