Perdomo ESV

One of the sad things about being a cigar lover is that all too often a cigar you love has a limited production run and you can never enjoy that spectacular flavor again once stock runs out. In rare cases, though, a cigar is revived for another production run, allowing you to relive that joy you once had. The Perdomo Estate Seleccion Vintage (ESV) is an example of a limited edition cigar that has received a new production run.

Two versions of this retro classic have been resurrected: Sun Grown and Connecticut. Named after its wrapper, the Perdomo ESV Sun Grown is the stronger of these two Nicaraguan sticks. It is a sturdy cigar with a medium body that offers a sharp burn as you enjoy the flavors of pepper, wood, and coffee.

The slightly milder Perdomo ESV Connecticut is a creamier blend that mixes caramel, leather, cedar, and cream. It has a light enough flavor that you can enjoy it almost any time of day, while still offering a full draw.

It is hard to say how long these vintage masterpieces will be available. Best to take advantage and buy a few boxes before they disappear again. Your taste buds will thank you this excellent treat.

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