Montecristo Ciudad de Musica by Crowned Heads

Sometimes you can tell a cigar will be great just by looking at the box. The Montecristo Ciudad de Musica by Crowned Heads is one of those cigars that easily has a taste that lives up to the presentation.

Packaged in an elegant black box with a stunning gold logo, you can tell this is something special long before you open the exquisite bronze clasp. The cigar wrapper is equally stately, featuring the logos of all three brands that collaborated to make this masterpiece. This band, also burnished gold and black, surrounds a practically vein free Ecuadorian Habano wrapper that couldn't look better.

The first puff of a Montecristo Ciudad de Musica by Crowned Heads Cigar is likely to throw you off guard. It opens with a strong black pepper note that will widen your eyes. This initial flavor is something of a palette cleanser, designed to make the later flavors more intense.

An incredibly creamy combination of cedar, wood, coffee, and mocha takes center stage after that and holds steady throughout the burn. The spicy opening is just a distant memory when the final puff focuses almost entirely on the cedar notes.

Besides looking and tasting elegant, this cigar also has one of the cleanest burns we have ever experienced, making it a very civilized cigar. We personally recommend combining it with an old brandy, maybe after eating a good steak. However you enjoy it, you almost can't help but feel suave while smoking it.

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