FSG 20 Acre Farm Corona Cigar 25th Anniversary

Just a few weeks after its national release, the FSG 20 Acre Farm from Drew Estate is adding its first store exclusive; a 7" x 54 Belicoso that is only available at Corona Cigar Co. It’s in celebration of the store’s 25th anniversary.

The exclusive cigar uses an Ecuadorian shade-grown Connecticut wrapper, a Honduran habano binder, and fillers from Nicaragua’s Estelí and Jalapa regions, along with Florida Sun Grown tobacco that is grown in Clermont, FL on a farm owned by Jeff Borysiewicz. It is that farm that is inspiration for the name ‘20 Acre Farm’.

Our famous Florida Sun Grown tobacco is back again and taking center stage in the new FSG 20 Acre Farm by Drew Estate cigar. “Florida was once a big tobacco supplier for cigar factories in Tampa and beyond,” Jeff Borysiewicz, President and Founder of Corona Cigar Co., explains. “The farm that I bought just west of Orlando proved to be the perfect plot of land to resurrect Florida’s cigar tobacco growing heritage. We combined age-old tobacco growing practices along with the most advanced modern agricultural techniques to produce Florida Sun Grown tobacco, which is unique in every aspect of flavor, intensity and aroma.” The FSG 20 Acre Farm by Drew Estate features a Honduran Sun Grown ‘99 binder, a mix of Nicaraguan (Jalapa & Esteli) & FSG (Corojo) fillers, and topped off with an Connecticut Shade wrapper. The result is a complex and medium-bodied cigar with super oaky and cedary notes accompanied by a whisper of white pepper and a bright hint of citrus.

“Jeff’s magnificent farm in Clermont has the feel of being directly transported from Cuba’s famed Vuelta Abajo region, where the best Cuban tobaccos are harvested,” Jonathan Drew, Founder and President of Drew Estate, comments. “While carefully blended into the cigar so it doesn’t overpower the rest of the tobaccos, the Florida Sun Grown tobacco serves as 20 Acre Farm’s backbone, and it leads every aficionado on an exclusive journey thru history, space and time to the gilded years of Cuban cigars. Florida Sun Grown tobacco is like nothing else you’ve ever had before. Order yourself a box today and enjoy this truly unique cigar from Drew Estate.

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