Highclere Castle

Highclere Castle is a castle located in Hampshire, England, which is a far distance away from Nicaragua, where the majority of this cigar was crafted. The reason this cigar is named after the faraway castle is because the flavor profile is based off the cigars that the Earls living in the castle used to love. Those Earls apparently had excellent taste in cigars.

The Highclere Castle cigar seems quite simple at first glance, but the rather plain wrapper disguises an amazingly complex blend. Nut and dry grass make up the core of the cigar, tantalizing your taste buds from start to finish, but a myriad of other flavors fade in and out throughout the stick.

Near the very start of your first draw, you will experience nougat, caramel, and light spices. In just a bit, though, a pepper taste shows up, drowning out everything but the slightest hints of the dry grass and nut flavors. As you continue, the pepper fades and becomes slightly creamy, while an earthy aroma tickles your nostrils pleasantly. The body of the cigar increases near the end when a surprise taste of dill helps finish off the cigar.

Throughout this taste roller coaster, the burn remains sharp and clean. It is a cigar you can smoke on your best chair with little fear of burn damage. This is great news, because this is definitely the type of cigar you will want to smoke every evening after a hard day of work, simply to relax.

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