Highclere Castle Senetjer

The Highclere Castle Senetjer by Foundation Cigar Co. honors the 100th anniversary of the discovery of the tomb of King Tutankhamun.  The Senetjer is a 6 ¾” x 52 Perfecto that uses a Brazilian meta fina binder, undisclosed fillers, and a 7th priming Ecuadorian Habano wrapper. You might be wondering where the name came from, well the word “Senetjer” is the ancient Egyptian word for incense or “that which makes holy”. Foundation Cigar Co. collaborated with archeologists Colleen and John Darnell to design the box, which is an exact replica of a storage box found inside the tomb. “I have been in love with the culture and history of Egypt since I was a little boy,” said Nicholas Melillo of Foundation Cigar Co. in a press release. “It is a great honor to work on this project with Lord Carnarvon and Adam von Gootkin. This product is truly something unique and special,” he added. Order the Highclere Castle Senetjer today and enjoy FREE SHIPPING when you spend $125 or more!

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