A true multicultural cigar is a rare find. Most cigars are made entirely or almost entirely from ingredients that were produced in a single country. Even when cigars do come from multiple countries, often those countries are geographically close. Room 101 Farce Cigars throw that traditional logic out the door.

Room 101 Farce Cigars are lovingly crafted with Pennsylvania, Nicaraguan, and Dominican tobacco in an Indonesian binder, surrounded by an Ecuadoran wrapper. Furthermore, the entire product is created in a cigar factory in the Dominican Republic. Few other cigars in all of history have combined ingredients from such a diverse set of locations.

The result of this diversity is exactly what you might expect from renowned cigar crafter Matt Booth. It is a powerful stick that far exceeds expectations by blending the various flavors exceptionally well. It is a full bodied cigar that embraces a strong pepper taste tempered by both a sweet caramel flavor and sharp cinnamon flavor.

If you enjoy strong sticks with lasting flavor, this is definitely the cigar for you.

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