Cordoba and Morales Nica Reaper

Cordoba & Morales decided to switch things up and release a unique cigar with an intimidating name. The Nica Reaper features 100% liger tobacco and a pigtail and closed foot. Azarias Mustafa, owner of Cordoba & Morales, says “I’ve been playing with the idea of making an all ligero cigar for years.” says Azarias. “The hardest part was finding the right combination of tobacco to create a powerhouse cigar with complexity. Everybody knows you can make a very bold cigar. The hard part is making something that isn’t one-dimensional in flavor with such a high level of strength.” The Cordoba & Morales Nica Reaper comes in a 6” x 52 Toro with an undisclosed binder, filler, and wrapper. “Z” is keeping this one a secret and wants you to get the full experience. He says that he only had enough tobacco to make 6,000 cigars so these are limited. Try one today if you aren’t too scared!

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