New World Puro Especial by AJ Fernandez

For cigar smokers, there is a simple rule. If AJ Fernandez makes a new cigar, it is going to be outstanding. The New World Puro Especial does not break that rule. Crafted as an expression of Nicaragua's Estelí region, this cigar is a blend of tobacco exclusively cultivated from that region. In total, the New World Puro Especial includes tobacco from four different farms in the region, all of which have been aged 3 - 5 years.

With such a strong heritage, you would assume that the flavor of this cigar would be nothing less than magnificent, and you would be correct. The complex taste blend includes notes of almonds, peppers, hickory, and minerals, and eventually reveals an unexpected sweetness as you make your way to the end of the stick. The biggest surprise, though, given pas endeavors by AJ Fernandez is that the cigar is of only moderate strength, rather than the full strength sticks he is famous for.

However, Fernandez easily proves that strength does not define quality. It may be milder than his fans expect from him, but the New World Puro Especial does honor to the Estelí region is commemorates. Available as a Robusto, Short Churchill, or Toro, this cigar is a good daily smoke that deserves a shelf to itself in your closet.

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