Creating a Wedding Cigar Bar

Creating a Wedding Cigar Bar

May 3 2024

Wedding receptions are moving beyond the traditional garter toss to include more unique entertainment features. If you and your partner love cigars or you've invited guests who enjoy them, then we have a suggestion. Create a wedding cigar bar with options for all your smoking guests, as well as some extras to enhance the overall experience.

Make the cigar bar a highlight of your celebration by incorporating thoughtful details and setting up in a way that allows smokers to enjoy a stogie without intruding on nonsmokers. With these wedding cigar bar ideas, you can add a touch of sophistication and uniqueness to your celebration.

Why You Should Add a Cigar Bar to Your Wedding

Cigars have a longstanding history in wedding celebrations, symbolizing camaraderie, friendship and a significant milestone in life. Other reasons to add this feature to your wedding include:

  • Social interaction: Stogies create a relaxing opportunity for guests to network, socialize and celebrate your nuptials.
  • Photo opportunities: Cigar smoking may encourage your guests to take more photos, especially if you add fun activities, themes or entertainment to your cigar lounge.
  • A unique experience: Guests expect personalized cocktails or garden games — but not necessarily an opportunity to smoke cigars. A cigar bar will be a memorable, indulgent feature of your wedding.

Planning Your Wedding Cigar Bar

The essential elements of your cigar bar are the cigars and a dedicated space to enjoy them. Give the experience a boost by hiring a cigar expert or professional tobacconist to assist your guests with their selections and provide newbies with guidelines on cigar etiquette and enjoyment. Keep this at the forefront of your planning:

  • Plan your cigars: Figure out how many cigars you need and how many brands you want to purchase from. It is important to find a balance between avoiding excess consumption while avoiding running out of stock.
  • Plan the location: While abiding by legal considerations and regulations, you still want the cigar bar to be somewhere accessible and private enough for an enjoyable event. It is also important to keep the cigar bar close enough to the reception to avoid separating this feature from the main event and vice versa.
  • Consider your guests: Some of your guests may be new to cigars. Keep their needs in mind by choosing enough cigars that are smaller, draw easily, burn well, offer a mild or medium smoke, and have an appealing flavor profile.

Which Cigars Should You Choose?

You should stock a variety of cigars that cater to everyone's tastes. Look at different tobacco blends, origin countries and sizes, and include some premium options if you have guests who are aficionados. A cigar's size determines how long its smoking lasts — for example, offer quick smokes with Petit Coronas or Mini Cigarillos. Alternatively, choose Robustos that last longer. Here are some brands to consider:

Creating the Cigar Bar

Creating a wedding cigar bar is about more than a great cigar selection. It is about ensuring that your guests have a fun experience. Use these tips for the perfect setup that your guests will talk about for years to come:

  • Cigar menu: Amplify the setup with a cigar menu or display cards that describe each of the cigar flavor profiles, strengths and origins. It helps your guests make informed choices and gives them the opportunity to try new flavors.
  • Humidor and storage: Invest in a decent humidor to display and store stogies. The right humidity control will keep the cigars fresh and flavorful throughout your event.
  • Accessories: Remember to add accessories like ashtrays, cigar cutters and lighters at the bar for your guests. Step up your wedding game by personalizing these accessories or having them match your theme to enhance the ambiance.
  • Layout: Use a cozy lounge setup and enhance your cigar bar area with comfortable seating, ambient lighting and elegant decor. Designate a well-ventilated outdoor area or separate indoor space for cigar smoking to stay compliant with your local smoking laws.
  • Timing: Plan the timing according to your event's schedule. For example, during the reception but after the main meal is a great time for your guests to unwind with a stogie. Alternatively, arrange the setup for cocktail hour, keeping your guests busy while you make the most of the golden hour for your wedding photos.
  • Pairing options: Add complementary beverages or suggestions that pair well with your cigar selection. These can include bourbon, cognac, fine wines, aged rum or single malt whiskeys. You can even pair cigars with beer to enhance a summer wedding.

Cigar Bar Etiquette and Tips

Part of your setup starts outside of the "smoking room." If you are printing wedding programs or menus, add a custom printout, inviting your guests to the cigar bar during the reception. Add more information about the cigars on offer, along with etiquette and tips such as:

  • Why the cigars are stored in a humidor, even during the event.
  • How to properly cut the stogie with a controlled cut so that the flavor and aroma stay intact.
  • Why you have cigar lighters, wooden matches or cedar spills on hand instead of regular petrol lighters.
  • How to light the cigar by holding it just above the flame while rotating it slowly.
  • Not stubbing the cigar out, but rather allowing it to ash and eventually burn out naturally.
  • Tips about how to smoke a cigar, including letting the taste roll around in your mouth before you slowly blow the smoke out.
  • A reminder that guests should take their time and enjoy the experience.

Essential Accessories

The right accessories will enhance your wedding cigar bar's appeal. Include these items at the bar to incorporate this feature more into your event's theme:

  • Cigar cutters: Offer high-quality cigar cutters like guillotines and punch cutters to let guests cut their stogies cleanly and evenly before smoking.
  • Lighters: Provide premium cigar lighters that are reliable and wind-resistant for outdoor settings. Consider torch flame lighters or soft flame lighters, which are well-suited for outdoor use.
  • Matches: You can also offer wooden or long-reach matches as an alternative lighting option, as these might be easier for some guests to use.
  • Ashtrays: Offer individual and communal ashtrays where guests can rest their stogies between puffs.
  • Cigar resets: You can also offer cigar rests that keep stogies elevated, preventing them from rolling off tables or other surfaces.
  • Cigar bands or rings: Create a more personal experience with personalized cigar bands or rings with your wedding date or initials. These can also serve as a nice keepsake for your guests.

Types of Wedding Cigar Bars

Customize your cigar bar to your wedding theme. Here are some ideas:

  • A classic cigar lounge: A traditional and elegant cigar lounge setup typically has plush seating, a table or cart displaying the cigar selection, or a professional cigar roller on-site.
  • Modern or chic cigar bar: If your wedding is a minimalist affair, use modern furniture like acrylic tables, LED lighting, modular sofas and a trendy bar setup.
  • Outdoor garden cigar bar: Incorporate rustic or wooden furniture, pergolas, potted plants and comfortable seating to set up a cigar bar amid the lush greenery of any outdoor space.
  • Vintage speakeasy bar: Take inspiration from the 1920s with vintage furniture, Edison bulbs, candles and antique decanters to create an intimate atmosphere. This decor style will also complement a rustic wedding theme.

Legal Considerations and Regulations

It is essential to understand legal and regulatory compliance standards that relate to smoking before you arrange the setup for your cigar bar. By addressing these beforehand, you will have a smooth and compliant operation that allows your guests to enjoy the cigars responsibly and safely. Consult with legal professionals or event planners with experience in these setups for guidance and to ensure you cover all your bases. These regulations and considerations include:

  • Venue policies: Check with your wedding venue about their smoking policies and any specific requirements they may have if you host a cigar bar on their premises.
  • Alcohol licensing: If you are adding some pairing options to your cigar bar, ensure that the venue has the right alcohol licensing and permits.
  • Smoking regulations: Familiarize yourself with venue-specific, state and local smoking regulations, which can include designated smoking areas or policies against smoking indoors.
  • Health and safety: It is crucial to ensure that safety measures like fire extinguishers and proper cigar butt disposal areas are available. If you have an indoor smoking area, provide proper ventilation.
  • Cigar sales and distribution: If you plan to sell some of the cigars at the wedding or if you offer any as part of a package, you must ensure compliance with local tobacco sales laws. These often include taxation of these products and age verification for purchasers.
  • Vendor contracts: If you are hiring a professional to guide guests with the cigar smoking experience, review their contracts. Take note of their liabilities, permits and licenses, and you can assess online reviews, if applicable.
  • Liability insurance: By taking out liability insurance coverage for your wedding, you can protect yourself financially in case of accidents or property damage due to cigar bar activities.

Entertainment and Activities

A cigar bar can go beyond smoking. Incorporate some entertainment or activities to boost your guests' indulgence even more. Here are some creative ideas you can use:

  • Live music or performers: Live music, such as acoustic guitar players, jazz musicians or a small band that plays soothing melodies, can add to the ambiance and create a relaxed environment.
  • Outdoor lounge area: If you have an outdoor cigar bar, create a lounge area with ambient lights, fire pits and comfortable seating.
  • Cigar rolling station: Organize a cigar rolling station where your guests can watch and learn how a professional rolls cigars. These professionals can sometimes guide guests and help them roll their own stogies.
  • Cigar photo booth: Arrange a themed photo booth near the cigar bar, adding props like smoking jackets, hats and cigar accessories for some lasting memories.
  • Cigar lounge games: Set up some classic games like backgammon, chess or car games to add a playful element for your smoking guests.
  • Cigar trivia and quiz: Keep your smoking and nonsmoking guests engaged with cigar-themed trivia or a quiz game with small prizes for the winners.
  • Cigar and chocolate pairing: Put a spin on pairing options by curating a cigar and chocolate pairing experience. Offer a variety of flavor profiles that align with the stogies you have to offer for a delicious sensory experience.
  • Cigar expert sessions: Invite a sommelier or cigar expert to offer tastings at intervals or short educational sessions about cigar types, proper cigar etiquette and flavor profiles. This offer can also complement the pairing experiences you add to your cigar bar.

Browse Cigars for Your Wedding Cigar Bar Online

Incorporating a well-planned cigar bar on your wedding day will elevate the event's overall ambiance while leaving a lasting impression on your guests. Whether you are planning an elegant indoor celebration or a rustic outdoor affair, carefully selecting cigars and accessories and creating the right setup will encourage a memorable experience for everyone. If you want to cater to various preferences and tastes, pick a variety of high-quality cigars. Add mild and full-bodied cigars to cater to novice and experienced smokers alike.

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