5 Benefits of Cigar Smoking

5 Benefits of Cigar Smoking

Jan 16 2024

5 Benefits of Cigar Smoking

Cigar smoking is an age-old indulgence with benefits that extend beyond enjoying the tobacco. It is a leisurely activity that offers an array of benefits, from enticing flavors to relaxation and socialization. One of the most prominent benefits of smoking a cigar lies in the experience.
Whether you enjoy a cigarillo or a larger cigar, make the most of your experience every time. Slow down and fully engage in prepping and lighting your cigar during your own personal ceremony. Relax and puff away, whether in company or alone, relishing in the opportunity to disengage from your daily stressors. Take in these five benefits of cigars and learn more ways to elevate the experience.

1. Socialization and Relaxation

Cigar smoking is often a social activity, allowing you to enjoy camaraderie with other enthusiasts who find relaxation in the routine of cigar smoking. This is an unparalleled way to connect and unwind with people in social settings. You can meet people and feel a sense of community among others who are savoring the experience.

An obvious benefit is the relaxation you get from the ritual of cutting and lighting the cigar and the chemical reaction from the smoke. The nicotine in tobacco produces adrenaline that pumps through your bloodstream as it stimulates your nervous system. The nicotine kick releases dopamine. This feel-good chemical gives you a sense of calmness and well-being. 

The relaxing, communal atmosphere cigar smoking facilitates can be a conversation starter. Whether you are at a lounge, social event or work mixer, cigars create an immediate common ground. This can spark conversations about blends, brands and experiences to help you break the ice at events. Offering someone a cigar is a gesture of camaraderie that can set the stage for networking opportunities.

The duration of cigar smoking also leaves more room for conversations. These conversations can naturally move from shared interests or connections into work discussions without the pressures or formality of office settings. This timeframe of relaxing indulgence gives you ample time to make connections and have networking discussions that can forge new connections or strengthen existing associations. Sharing cigars with friends, family, colleagues or strangers leads to a shared experience. This builds rapport and enhances the networking experience.

Hot Tip: Cigar smoking often pairs with momentous occasions. Stock up on some premium cigars next time you have something to celebrate. Whether it is a birthday, family announcement or milestone achievement, cigars can be an emblem of success. 

2. Aesthetics and Sensory Pleasures

Cigars come in various aromas and flavors to create a holistic sensory experience. This gives enthusiasts a chance to explore the complexities of multiple tobacco blends. Because they are made with whole-leaf tobacco, cigars have a deep and complex flavor. More sensory and aesthetic pleasures you can indulge in include:

  • Smoke smell: The aging process infuses cigars with unique aromas. From subtle to spicy fragrances, the cigar smoke's scent adds significantly to your overall sensory pleasure as you puff away.
  • Sight and touch: The craftsmanship of each cigar, from the wrapper's texture to the shape, adds to its aesthetic pleasure.
  • Atmosphere: Pick an alluring atmosphere whether you are among friends, sitting in a comfortable lounge or under the stars. The setting where you enjoy your cigar can enrich the overall smoking experience. 
  • The experience: The cutting, lighting and smoking ritual adds to the sensory pleasures. Take your time with the process to engage your senses and savor the experience.

Aficionados take pleasure in discerning and appreciating the intricate interplay of a cigar's aromas and flavors. During this process, you engage all your senses to identify and enjoy a cigar. The notes and aromas are broken up into three sections:

  • Blend and origin: A cigar's flavor is influenced by the tobacco's origins. Similar to wine, soil, climate and the blending process all impart distinct characteristics.
  • Flavor profile: From woody and earthy tones to creamy, sweet or spicy notes, each puff of a cigar can deliver a range of different flavors.
  • Aromas: You can find bouquets that range from floral and herbal to spicy and leathery. Fermenting, drying and aging can all influence your cigar's unique fragrances.

Hot Tip: Enhance the flavor experience by pairing your cigar with a complimentary beverage. A well-matched drink like a single malt whisky, smooth coffee or robust glass of red wine can heighten both sensory experiences. 

3. Mindfulness and Contemplation

Enjoying your cigars is about more than the taste and aroma. The experience creates connections, awakens emotions and heightens senses. Use the sensory pleasures to help you practice mindfulness as you savor the art of cigar smoking.

Make the experience poetic by taking in the glowing tip of the cigar, smelling the burning tobacco and rolling around the smoke flavors in your mouth. The relaxation benefits of cigar smoking can create a meditative state for some aficionados. To achieve this state, savor the cigar-smoking ritual, disconnect from all digital devices and immerse yourself in the sensory and ceremonial process.

The experience of cigar smoking is unhurried and deliberate. This slow pace and intentional puffing heighten your awareness of the present moment. You can immerse yourself in the sensory experiences to better appreciate the aromas, flavors and sensations that come with each puff. The tranquility of this practice, especially if you're enjoying a solo session, gives you a chance to pause and reflect. These moments of solitude can even encourage philosophical discussions in a group setting. 

Taking the time to indulge in leisure activities in a comfortable atmosphere can alleviate stress and tension. This can open up a mental block. For some people, the mental clarity from a relaxing, contemplative cigar-smoking session stimulates their creativity. If you are smoking alone, take the opportunity this solitude provides for some introspection. Whether doing personal reflection, brainstorming or planning, smoking a cigar can remove you from your fast-paced schedule and give you new clarity on various facets of life.

Hot Tip: Find a comfortable setting to sit and enjoy your cigar. Look for a spot that enhances your comfort and will lull you into a meditative state. Embrace the preparation process and take your time on each step, setting the tone for your cigar-smoking session.

4. Cultural and Historical Significance

Smoking cigars is a centuries-old pastime, and as such, it holds some cultural or traditional significance. It can form part of celebrations, special occasions or informal rituals, making some cigar smoking benefits more meaningful. Some insights into cigar smoking's cultural significance are:

  • Artistic and literary associations: This activity is romanticized in art, literature and movies. Smoking cigars is often associated with characters who are intelligent or rebellious, which adds to its cultural allure.
  • Iconic cultural references: Cigars are referenced and enjoyed by various cultural icons, helping this pastime become associated with historical moments and cultural movements. Cultural icons like Ernest Hemingway, Mark Twain, Whoopi Goldberg and Michael Jordan have all indulged in cigars.
  • Cultural craftsmanship: Cigar production relies on craftsmanship and traditional techniques, which aficionados appreciate. This heritage is integrated into various cultures, especially in areas known for tobacco cultivation and cigar manufacturing. 
  • Historically symbolic: Cigar smoking has an association with an image of leisure and sophistication. Historical figures who contributed to this symbolism include Winston Churchill, J.P. Morgan and Thomas Edison.

Cigars are seen throughout history as a way to mark special occasions. Sharing a cigar during essential moments is a symbol of unity and recognition. Specific moments of celebration where people have always shared a cigar in celebration include:

  • Births: Celebrating the birth of a child or even a milestone birthday, like a 21st birthday, has traditionally been associated with sharing a cigar.
  • Weddings and anniversaries: Cigars often form part of wedding celebrations, bachelor parties or anniversaries.
  • Success and other achievements: Work achievements, personal milestones and graduations are a few more occasions you can celebrate with a premium cigar.
  • Political and diplomatic events: Cigars have played a role in diplomatic ceremonies and symbolize sealing agreements.

Hot Tip: Take the time to learn more about the cultural heritage of your cigars. Dive into the craftsmanship to develop a deeper appreciation. Explore various brands, origins and blends to foster a deeper appreciation for each cigar.

5. Potential Health Effects

You can enjoy some health benefits with your occasional cigar. Remember that every indulgence comes with some risks, but in moderation, you may enjoy these benefits:

It is crucial to note that while your cigars have some health benefits, there are also some health risks. Despite the differences in smoking habits when you compare cigars to cigarettes, in excess, they can increase various health risks. If you want to potentially reduce some adverse effects, add these strategies to your repertoire:

  • Frequency: Limit your smoking frequency to those special occasions or as part of self-reflection every so often. Practicing mindfulness in this ritual can help you to reduce smoking frequency, helping you enjoy your smoking sessions more when you do indulge.
  • Just puff: It is not typical to inhale cigar smoke, so stick to puffing at a leisurely pace. Smoke will still enter your mouth and throat, but not your lungs.
  • Smaller sizes: If you still smoke more frequently, try to tone it down by switching to cigarillos or smaller cigars.
  • Slow down: Smoking a cigar too quickly can make you feel ill. Slow down, puff every minute and take your time.
  • Stay hydrated: Minimize the impact of smoke on your mouth and throat by staying hydrated while you puff.

Hot Tip: While there is much to relish about a cigar, it is crucial to indulge in moderation so as not to overexpose yourself to potential adverse health effects. 

More Ways to Reap the Cigar Benefits

You can boost your overall cigar-smoking experience in a few more ways. Maintaining your cigars properly, using quality accessories and following best practices can boost the benefits of smoking a premium cigar. From setting the scene to maintaining their flavor and aroma, get the best out of your cigars with these tips:

  • Storage solutions: Keep your cigars' aromas fresh and intact by storing your cigars in a humidor. Store the cigars at a humidity level of around 70%.
  • Add a hygrometer: An essential humidor accessory, hygrometers help to keep your cigars fresh by ensuring your humidity level and storage temperature are at an optimal range.
  • Restrict access: Limit access to your humidor. Opening it too frequently adds to humidity and temperature fluctuations, affecting your cigar's aroma and quality.
  • Ageing your cigars: Ageing enhances your smoking experience by allowing the flavor and aroma to develop over time. You might even notice new notes coming through. The longer you let them age, the more hints of sweetness you can expect.
  • Separation: Prevent aromatic cross-contamination by storing blends separately and in different humidor compartments.
  • Rotation: Rotate your cigars periodically to prevent flat spots, ensure they age evenly and even out moisture distribution.
  • Prevent tobacco beetles: When you pick up new cigars, freeze them for a few days and place them in your humidor. This prevents potential tobacco beetle infestations.
  • Cleanse your palate: As cigars have complex flavors, you will pick up on these more with a cleansed palate. An easy way to cleanse your palette is to sip on bitter lemon or water. Alternatively, eat a bit of lemon sorbet or ginger.
  • Invest in premium cigars: Premium cigars are made from high-quality, aged tobacco leaves. They are hand-rolled by artisans and offer you complex flavors and aromas.
  • Avoid relighting: While you can relight a cigar, this will affect the flavor profile. So, if you must relight, proceed with caution.
  • Cut and light right: Cutting using a cigar cutter can help you make a clean cut near the cap. Wooden matches or butane lighters will evenly light your cigar. To keep this even burning, rotate the cigar a little.

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