Why Monkey Around? Welcome The Chinese New Year With Online Cigars

Posted by Corona Cigar Co. on Nov 2 2016

Davidoff Year of the Monkey

Why Monkey Around? Welcome The Chinese New Year With Online Cigars

Chinese New Year 2016 has arrived and we're sure you want to continue to celebrate it. Each year, Chinese customs dictate how that celebration should take place and when. It also heavily influences the theme, which is generally decided by the country’s zodiac. Their zodiac is primarily made up of various, easily recognizable animals. This year, it’s monkeys who will be in the spotlight.

So which cigars online are meant for monkeying around? Cigar smokers could turn towards the zodiac for inspiration. It indicates that monkey periods are tailor-made for enjoyable conversations, lucky breaks, new beginnings and pardon the pun, barrels of fun. Thus, it’s a good time to check out the latest online cigar releases or experiment with limited editions.

One cigar manufacturer that certainly plans on celebrating with everyone is Davidoff. They put together a limited edition cigar, Year of the Monkey, offering for the auspicious occasion. And it will undoubtedly leave more than just monkeys happily chattering. The boxes’ exteriors and cigar bands features a bold shade of red. Why red? Well, when it comes to the holiday and Chinese customs in general, it is an important color. Many people associate it with personal prosperity. And the company’s cigar masters don’t stop with the touches of red. There are other cultural elements included in the packaging as well.

Herbaceous notes make it an excellent cigar to pair with sake. And cigar aficionados are sure to taste a bit of spice and cedar too. So the flavor burst is certainly strong enough to stand alone but we know many of you will want to also toast the monkeys’ arrival. All everyone needs to do is light up these full-flavored, earthy cigars with friends and spark some conversation.

Boxes of Davidoff’s limited edition are available now through our online store. To learn more, contact Corona Cigar Co. today.