Why Do You Need to Try New Cigars? Here Are Some Good Reasons

Posted by Corona Cigar Co. on Nov 2 2016

new cigars

Why do you need to try new cigars? Well, that's a pretty good question. Trying new things in life can sometimes be a bit scary. However, you'll also find that these new things we try can contain the "spice of life" that we all, deep-down, crave. Luckily, we've got a few pretty good answers why you should stretch your limits and give a few new cigars a try.

  • Self-Discovery: We all like to discover new things about ourselves and our friends. If you discover a new cigar that has just the right flavor and aroma that you know a friend will like, it's only right to pass it on. You never know; it could be the one cigar your friend will savor for a lifetime and have you to thank for it.
  • Be the Authority: Having more experiences in life will make you a well-rounded person. Should you already have experience with a cigar that's new to others; it automatically makes you the authority on them in their eyes. That authority is transferred by osmosis, so who knows what they'll consult with you on next time.
  • More Confidence: Face it, confidence is sexy in both men and women. Sometimes a person's confidence level is the only thing standing between them and what they desire. Developing the courage to try new things is sure to give you the confidence and self-assurance you need to boost your successes in all areas of your life. Boldly smoking a new cigar, is one way to advertise your self-confidence.
  • Reduce Boredom: You've heard people say they're "bored to death." Well, it's been anecdotally proven that boredom may well take years off your life. So, adding the thrill of trying a new cigar is bound to enhance your life, as well as add a little excitement. 

Albert Einstein said “Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.” If you enjoy smoking premium cigars, chances are pretty slim that you'll run across any you feel was a mistake. If you'd like to "spice up" your palate, your social standing and your life, we suggest trying new cigars, just for the kicks you'll get trying something new. You'll probably find a new favorite in the process and pass it on to a friend, who will enjoy it for a lifetime.