Why Choose Acid Cigars Over Other Brands

Posted by Corona Cigar Co. on Nov 2 2016

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Why Choose Acid Cigars Over Other Brands

Everyday cigar smokers will make a difficult choice between buying a low quantity of high-end cigars, or a high quantity of lower priced ones. What makes the most desirable cigar experience besides a fine smoke? The price of the product itself. 

Acid Cigars offers an intricate selection of single cigars ranging from $6 US and upwards, as well as five packs, and boxes of ten and twenty-four cigars for moderate prices that do not exceed $216.95! A balance of price and quality of product that any smoker will come to love. They also have a great selection. Let's take a look at some.

The selection includes:

  • Acid Gold Holistic: Wrapped with a dark Nicaraguan Maduro leaf wrapper, Acid Gold Holistic offers lush and fertile botanical melodies that ooze from the infused tobaccos. A melodic tone of floral, herbs, and botanic notes are found while effervescent tones of tea are woven throughout. 
  • Acid Krush Cigarillos: A great alternative for the on-the-go cigar lover. Packed in collectible tins, the Acid Krush Cigarillos are a flavor bomb in a petite size cigar. Oils, herbs, botanical flavors, all with that distinct Acid flavor profile. It's all wrapped in premium infused Nicaraguan tobaccos.
  • Acid One: The only non-aromatic cigar line in the Acid cigar family. Cured with five different wines that encompass the wine regions of California, Italy, France, Spain, and Nicaragua Acid One Cigars are rare. They are only made available to retailers who carry the entire Acid lines. A smooth African Cameroon wrapper drapes the crafty blend of Nicaraguan fillers and a rich Nicaraguan binder is added to ensure optimal flavor. Acid One Cigars are an epic smoke, worthy of the name ONE.
  • Acid Red: A fascinating blend of flavorful tobaccos that have been hyper-infused with oils, one of the most recognized cigars in the Acid lines. Select Nicaraguan tobaccos leaves are implored and fused with herbs, oils, and botanical flavors. It is known for being a superior cigar using a flavor profile that is quite exceptional.
  • Acid Remi Blue: Hand-made in Nicaragua, Jonathan Drew has outdone himself again with another masterpiece. Infused with over one hundred fifty different oils, herbs, and botanical flavors (all of which are all natural ingredients), optimum Nicaraguan tobaccos are selected and are placed in infusing rooms for months. This insures that every Acid Remi Blue performs to the highest standards and quality. They can be enjoyed with your favorite cup of espresso or tea. Or, just simply sit back and light up for an ultimate relaxation.
  • and Acid Subculture: A hardcore infusion of herbs and are a botanical heaven, the Acid Subculture takes things to the extreme with an extra hardy infusion process that includes an additional year of aging. Acid Subculture Cigars are truly one-of-a-kind and they are not for the faint of heart. If you're looking to go for that next level in infused cigars, Acid Subculture is truly just that. Dripping with herbal and floral tones, the Nicaraguan tobaccos used are refined and sure to meet your expectations. 

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