What Cigars Should You Smoke for St. Patrick's Day?

Posted by Corona Cigar Co. on Nov 2 2016


What Cigars Should You Smoke for St. Patrick's Day?

We're the first to admit that the Irish aren't exactly known for their cigar smoking.  However, what fun is a holiday if it doesn't involve the opportunity to smoke a few cigars? Plus, when we think of the luck of the Irish, we think of how lucky they are to enjoy such fine whiskey, and when we think of whiskey, naturally we think of cigars.

So, this St. Patrick's Day, make sure you wear some green, and after you share a few drinks with your friends, pull out some festive cigars. If you're looking for a cigar with some Irish sensibility, try Eileen's Dream Cigar; this mild cigar is actually infused with Irish whiskey. It also has flavors of milk, cream and chocolate in the mix, so it is a sweet-tasting cigar.  Plus, it has clovers on the label, so when you hand them out to your friends, they will appreciate that you found specialty cigars with a St. Patrick's Day theme. These cigars are available in petite, petite tubo and robusto as well as cigarillos.

If you're throwing a big party and want to be sure that you have enough cigars on hand for everyone, check out the boxes of 20 that are available at substantial savings. The large boxes are also available for petite, petite turbo and robusto varieties.

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