Varieties of Warped Cigars

Posted by Corona Cigar Co. on May 16 2017


Varieties of Warped Cigars

Exploring new horizons in the production industry is vital in beating the competition around as well as to remain relevant in the market. New horizons take a turn from traditional approaches to producing finished goods, and change of product design, and taste. As much as this is true, upholding traditional brands is a unique way to cut a niche for your business in the market.

Warped Cigars assume such an approach by supporting the ultra-traditional, classic Cuban style. The shape and sizes of these cigars resemble what was popular many years back. That traditional aspect adds a mythical taste to life in the present day. Some varieties of these cigars that will bring the good old days back as you savor the puffs include:

La Colmena

Production of these particular cigars in small quantities serves to assure you of the quality you expect to experience if you opt for La Colmena cigars. This series comes in the form of triple capped pig-tailed beauties, with the classic taste of Habano style flavor. La Colmena cigars are a luxury blend of category nine rollers with Cuba's fashion characteristics.

El Oso

This cigar series features entubado bunching and the classic Cuban triple cap techniques in every cigar. The name El Oso is Spanish for "the Bear, " and these are full-bodied Small batch boutique blend, complex cigars that are a product of category nine cigar rollers.

Flor Del Valle

The production technique of Flor Del Valle cigars is similar to that of El Oso. This variety is a medium-bodied puro with peppery sweet spice flavors in every puff. If you are particular about the taste of cigars you choose to enjoy, this series is one of those that can feature as a preference.

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