Try Davidoff Cigars for a Brand That Truly Rises to the Occasion

Posted by Corona Cigar Co. on Nov 2 2016

Davidoff cigars

Try Davidoff Cigars for a Brand That Truly Rises to the Occasion

There is definitely something to be said for a good, greasy cheeseburger or a hot dog at the ball park. However, if you're sipping fine wine instead of chugging beer and have a neatly folded napkin on your lap rather than scrunched up in your hand dabbing mustard off your face, a medium rare filet mignon seems more appropriate. In other words, there's a time and a place for everything. Sometimes you want fast food...when the time is right. Other times you want only the best, and fine dining is a much more enjoyable experience for those occasions. Nobody understands this notion better than a true cigar aficionado.

Ordinary smokes are just fine on most occasions, but when the moment calls for something a little beyond the ordinary, that's when Davidoff Cigars truly rise to the occasion. Davidoff presents plenty of reasonably priced smokes for more frequent enjoyment that are still very high quality. But, where they really excel is in the luxury cigar category. Consider the following three cigars the filet mignons of the cigar world if you will:

  • Davidoff Mini Cigars Demi Tasse - Davidoff little cigars and cigarillos are perfect for a quick, satisfying smoke. Made in Denmark, Holland and the Dominican Republic, Davidoff cigarillos are the number one choice of discriminating European cigar smokers.
  • Davidoff Classic Ambassadrice Minis - Not every cigar lover has the luxury of time to devour a true Gigante. That's where these little guys come in handy. Although Davidoff is famous for their larger, premium sticks, the quality and enjoyment remains just as exquisite in their minis and cigarillos. Try this assortment in a handy five pack for a quick smoke you won't regret.
  • Davidoff Nicaragua Toro - Steeped in history, the Davidoff brand is normally reluctant to offer new varieties. Therefore, when they do come out with something new, you can rest assured that it is going to be fantastic! This is an all new line of premium luxury smokes offered by the historical brand. Try it for a new and fuller version of a rich and satisfying cigar experience.

Corona Cigar Company offers some of the finest luxury cigar brands available in the world, including Davidoff and many more. Please contact us today for more information on our many fine cigar products and accessories.