Tips for Buying Great Cigars Online

Posted by Corona Cigar Co. on Nov 2 2016

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Tips for Buying Great Cigars Online

Nothing can beat the feeling of walking in that full humidor, with hundreds of choices at your fingertips and that notable aroma wafting in your nose. It is an experience -- one that is just not easily replicated when you buy cigars online.

Nonetheless, the world is changing and that is opening the doors to better options and choices for cigar lovers all over the world. It is very much like walking into a humidor when you first see the exciting selection online, but making your decision when you are buying cigars online isn’t about the smell or the feel. There are a few more things to consider when purchasing cigars in the technological age.

Satisfaction Guarantees

When purchasing online, it is extremely important that a company is reputable and provides a satisfaction guarantee. Corona Cigar Co. knows the value of satisfied customers and provide customer guarantees that ensure consumer satisfaction. Satisfaction should absolutely be guaranteed by any company you get your cigars through.

Find a Company with Fast Shipping

All good online cigar companies should feature fast shipping. Since freshness is always a concern you want a company that provides the fastest possible delivery options and limits the time a cigar must spend in less than perfect circumstances.

Purchase Single Cigars and Sampler Packs

Quality online stores will provide you with the opportunity to buy single cigars, before investing in a full box. Sample packs are also popular for this reason. When you are buying online sometimes you may want to try before you make a big commitment and buying small to start is a great way to make sure you find the right cigar before you indulge in a whole box.

Use Search Filters

Finding the right cigar can sometimes feel challenging even when you are shopping in person, but when you are buying cigars online it is even harder to sift through the massive amounts of merchandise to find the cigar look are looking for at any given moment. Consider your favorite regional cigar locations and your preferred level of intensity -- that will help you narrow down your search to find just the right cigar for your mood, style and occasion.

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