Things You Need to Compliment Your Perfect Smoke

Posted by Corona Cigar Co. on Feb 21 2019

Coffee and Cigar

Things You Need to Compliment Your Perfect Smoke

Enjoying a fine cigar is one of those things that make life worth living. However, as pleasurable as a cigar is, it's that much better when it's accompanied by a delicious beverage. This can be a challenge because cigars have such a strong flavor. It takes something equally robust to not only hold its own with a cigar but accentuate the experience. The next time you're shopping for cigars online, here are some beverages you might want to buy for as well.

Coffee Drinks

Coffee and cigars share many of the same qualities. Each have a smoky aroma and can exhibit a sweet finish. Some types of coffee even have a spicy style that pairs very well with cigars. If we're talking about a stronger drink, try blending Irish cream with your coffee. Irish cream adds sweetness to the coffee so it matches better with the cigar, letting the coffee remain the dominant flavor.


This fortified red wine has become so synonymous with cigars. It's hard to imagine drinking it without one. Hailing from Portugal, Porto (or Port) contains brandy and has a sweetness that you won't find in regular wine. The broad and intense flavor of vintage (and likely expensive) Porto pairs remarkably well with cigars, with each complimenting the other splendidly.

Coffee Liqueur

As mentioned above, coffee and cigars have several qualities that go hand in hand. The same goes for coffee liqueurs. Famous brands such as Kahlua and Tia Maria are sweet but have the depth necessary to hold up to a good cigar. Also, they can be made into several types of cocktails that work just as well such as Black Russians and Mud Slides. Drinks like these offer a playful alternative to the regular cigar accompaniments without distracting from or overpowering the flavor of a good cigar.


Perhaps the biggest and most complex whiskey on Earth, it's worth having a fine single malt Scotch around the house just for pairing with cigars. Enjoying scotch neat, on the rocks, or with a small splash of water. This offers a brilliant way to appreciate the cigar. In fact, the flavors of the different types of Scotch are as varied as are cigars, so you may want to experiment with different Scotch-to-cigar pairings. Honestly, can you think of a better way to spend your time?

The Stinger

This cocktail is nearly extinct in bars, yet is perfect for cigar aficionados. A blend of creme de menthe and Brandy, this classic is standard at some of the finest cigar bars in New York. Try the variation replace brandy with vodka if it's more to your liking.


Not a strong flavor, the martini is a very strong drink. Straight booze, it's natural to be enjoyed with cigars among friends. If you like rare, sophisticated drinks, then use gin. Juniper and other herbs will wilt in the face of a good cigar.

India Pale Ale

Most beers won't stand up to a cigar, but the hops-heavy and bitter IPA really shines when paired with a fine cigar.

With so many options, you'd be wise to try them all. Looks like you have no choice but to treat yourself to an afternoon of shopping for booze and cigars online. Check out for the best cigars.