The Unique Flavor in Acid Cigars

Posted by Corona Cigar Co. on Mar 14 2017

acid cigars

The Unique Flavor in Acid Cigars

Acid cigars were born in 1999 at a production facility in Nicaragua at the inner promptings of Jonathan Drew. Surrounded by the botanical oils, herbs and spices found in South America, he began experimenting with adding them, and a touch of wine, to the tobacco mixture. The results became one of the most popular cigar lines for those that enjoy the rich, unique flavor of botanical-infused cigars, and Drew Estates became one of the top manufacturers of premium handmade brands.

Today's cigars are a combination of tobacco and unexpected flavor. In some you might find hints of cocoa, honey, black pepper, cashews, brown sugar or mint. The manufacturing process and ingredients are a closely guarded secret with only the final stage having been revealed: cigars are wrapped in plastic and left in a cool room for three to eight months. This gives the flowers, herbs and spices time to infuse and work their magic. The sales of acid cigars amounts to about $12 million a year for Drew Estates and makes up almost half of their sales.

Acid cigars come in several different lines: Acid Remi Blue, Acid Purple Juggernaut, Acid Gold Holistic, Acid Krush Cigarillos, Acid One, Acid Red and Acid Subculture. Using over 150 botanical oils, herbs and spices makes no two Acid cigars alike. Their blended premium tobacco is derived from three to four different countries and sorted for quality. Here are just a few examples of their unique flavor profile:

  • Acid nasty stems from the Red line. It has an oily maduro wrapper and has an earthy, dark chocolate flavor with floral undertones.
  • Acid Kuba Kuba comes from the Blue Line. They are in a Sumatra wrapper and deliver a smooth, sweet taste.
  • Acid Extra Ordinary Larry stems from the Purple line and is placed in a maduro wrapper with balanced flavors of blackberries, cinnamon, chocolate and coffee.
  • Acid Atom Maduro is found in the Gold line and is wrapped in a dark Nicaraguan maduro leaf. It has a subtle and mild flavor that includes cashews, brown sugar and a dash of mint.
  • Acid One is the brands only non-aromatic cigar. It is cured with five different wines and wrapped in an African Cameroon. These rare cigars are only available to retailers that carry the entire Acid line.

No two people will describe these cigars in exactly the same way.  Every taste bud seems to pick up the various hints and subtle overtones in remarkably unique fashions. Contact Us and describe what flavors entice you, and we will point you in the right direction. Be sure to keep your cigars in their original packaging until you’re ready to smoke them. This practice keeps them from marrying and picking up flavors from their neighboring cigars.