The Tokers Tap Dance: Tips for an Excellent Ash

Posted by Corona Cigar Co. on Mar 10 2020

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The Tokers Tap Dance: Tips for an Excellent Ash

One of the first discoveries new cigar smokers make is how different the ashes are from those of cigarettes. Cigarette ash is flimsy and drops easily. Often, when or where you don't want it too.

Handmade cigars are made with long-filler tobacco, which is a whole tobacco leaf running the length of the cigar. This gives more durable ash. Building ash of an inch or more is a sign of a quality cigar. It also improves the taste of the cigar and the smoking experience.

Incessant tapping and flicking, such as with a cigarette, is unnecessary. When your cigar ash reaches approximately one inch in length, simply lay one side against a cigar ashtray and give one slight but firm tap. The ash will fall gently into the ashtray.

Another option is to press the ash into the inner side of the ashtray and knock off the ash, rotating the cigar as you do so. The problem with this option is that it may be too early, and the fire or "cherry" will come off into the ashtray. If the ash doesn't fall off easily with the first option, it is probably too early.  

One fact to remember is to use an ashtray made for cigars. They are able to hold a greater volume of ashes and have rests designed to fit the width of a cigar.

Some smokers try to get the longest ash possible and some even strive to smoke a whole cigar without ashing. Many cigar shops hold tournaments to see who can create the longest ash. When not in competition, you'll want to ash your cigar like the connoisseur you are.

Patience is your biggest asset. Learning to wait for the ash to grow to an inch long is your first hurdle. Once you master the perfect tap, you'll be ashing your cigar like a pro.

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