The Rare Excellence of Padron Cigars

Posted by Corona Cigar Co. on Jan 9 2020

Padron cigars

The Rare Excellence of Padron Cigars

When the Padron family started crafting their premium cigars back in 1964, it was from Miami, Florida. Today, the Padron cigar line is produced in a 75,000 sq. ft. Nicaraguan rolling and storage facility with the capacity craft 25 million high-quality cigars. 

Padron Cigars are recognized by many as silky and exquisite. Each of the Padron brands contains a carefully selected blend of delicately aged tobaccos. Many an aficionado considers the brand to be one of the finest on Earth.  

The distinguished differences between brands:

  • The Padron Series of cigars is a selection of tobacco, naturally sun-grown and aged for more than two years. They are hailed for a balanced flavor with a provocative boldness and spiciness
  • The Padron 1964 cigar line raises the bar even further with their tobaccos aged for a minimum of four years. It's a smoke noted to be as smooth as silk.
  • The Padron 1926 series relies on tobaccos that are at least five years old. This delicate aging results in a creaminess and smoothness you'll have to taste to believe, and a flavor that is both dense and silky.
  • The Padron Damaso offers fans something a little daring and different. It offers a softer and lighter smoke ideal for a little rest and relaxation. An exciting blend of sweet, spice, woodsy and even a little bit nutty. 
  • The Limited Family Reserve of Padron cigars is a rare gem of specially cured tobaccos that have matured for a full decade and that yields a flavor worthy and notable enough to honor the company's 50th anniversary of excellence. 
  • The Padron Special Release has received the much-coveted 95 rating, both exceptionally rare and an absolute honor. It's a full flavored cigar you can puff on for two or more hours! Ideal as an after dinner delight.

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