The Intense Pleasure of the Corona Cigar Co. Intensa FSG

Posted by Corona Cigar Co. on Jul 11 2017

Intensa Gran Robusto

The Intense Pleasure of the Corona Cigar Co. Intensa FSG

Fans of full flavored, fuller bodied cigars have likely savored our exclusive Intensa line. Now we’ve put a new spin on the familiar favorite by blending it with our own Florida Sun Grown (FSG) tobacco to produce the Intensa FSG.

Exceptional Tobacco Yields Exceptional Flavor

Like its predecessor, the Intensa FSG gets its rich, spicy flavors from some of Nicaragua’s finest Corojo and Criollo tobaccos grown by Aganorsa, one of the country’s largest producers. However, this new cigar also features our own FSG Corojo – the first harvested in Florida in nearly 40-years.

For decades, Corojo was known as the world’s best wrapper. In fact, for 60-years, it was the only wrapper used for Cuban cigars. We use it as filler to give the Intensa FSG a spicy, distinctive flavor. Corona Cigar Co. grows our signature FSG Corojo from Cuban seed on 1,200 acres of lush land outside Orlando.

Many consider Criollo to be the original cigar tobacco. It’s name means “native seed.” Criollo’s been grown at least since the 1400’s. Historians believe this is the type of tobacco Christopher Columbus and his crew brought back to Spain from the New World. Criollo yields a milder spice than Corojo, but its flavor remains peppery, with creamy cedar undertones.

Blending the past, present, and future

Master Cuban Blender, Arsenio Ramos, is intimately familiar with both types of tobacco. Ramos is known as one of the best in the Cuban cigar business. Aganorsa’s relied on his talents for years, yet he was unsure how the new Florida Sun Grown Corojo would taste when combined with its well-known Nicaraguan counterparts. Ramos finally achieved the perfect recipe by blending the traditional with our fresh Florida crop to produce a new cigar with a truly unique flavor profile.

Wrapped in Quality

It simply wasn’t enough to produce a cigar packed with some of the world’s finest tobaccos. We had to find the perfect way to wrap it up. That’s why we chose a Jalapa wrapper. This type of tobacco is grown in an isolated area along the Nicaraguan border. The area’s volcanic soil and lush climate contribute to its flavor and aroma. It adds a rich and sweet dimension to this cigar’s spicy, earthy taste.

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