The Illustrious History of Acid Cigars

Posted by Corona Cigar Co. on Nov 2 2016

Acid cigars

The Illustrious History of Acid Cigars

Acid (an acronym for Arielle Chester Industrial Design) Cigars have made a name for themselves in the cigar industry with their unrivaled taste and ingenuity. The founders of the Drew Estate cigar company, Drew and Marvin Samel, were old college buddies who decided to go into the cigar business together. In the mid 90's they opened a kiosk in the World Trade Center selling hand-rolled cigars but it wasn't long before the pair developed their own brand.

Their brand steadily grew over the years until a hurricane devastated most Central American tobacco crops. Their future looked bleak but as a last ditch effort Drew gathered all the borrowed capital he could muster and moved to Nicaragua to begin cultivating their own special brand of tobacco. It was there is the rich Nicaraguan landscape that the idea of acid cigars first began to culminate.

The area is rife with spices, oils, extracts and herbs. As Drew managed the tobacco fields and constantly delved into new creative products, the idea to infuse the tobacco with some of the locally grown treasures was born. The flavor infused cigars were an instant success.

The name Acid Cigars actually has more to do with the label than what is inside since there is no acid in any of their cigars. Artist Scott Chester, of Arielle Chester Industrial Design, encouraged Drew and Samel to further develop there infused line of cigars and developed the perfect labeling system for them where the dominant color of the wrapping conveyed information about the flavor and aroma of the cigar.

These cigars continue to be cigar lovers favorites and are always a delight to newcomers. We carry some of the most delectable flavors of Acid Cigars available on the market today. Feel free to Contact Us with any questions about which would be the best Acid Cigar experience for you.