Smoking Italian Habano Cigars: An Experience in Quality and Tradition

Posted by Corona Cigar Co. on Nov 2 2016

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Smoking Italian Habano Cigars: An Experience in Quality and Tradition

We have many varieties of cigars from an International range that includes, Cuba, Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic, and so much more. But, a standout in quality and tradition is Italy. Hand rolled by the famous female 'sigaraie' (cigarmakers), Italian quality cigars implement centuries of know-how, which demands a proper smoking technique. For the novice or the aficionado, there's a preferred way to take-in the aromas and contemplate the sensations that Italian cigars produce. Here's our guide on how to maximize your smoking pleasure:

The difference between Cigarettes and Cigars

The consumption of expertly fermented and aged tobacco does not require inhaling of the smoke, like that in cigarettes. Cigars produce a different taste experience along with sensations that occur in the mouth and upper respiratory tract. Sensations that require a reflection, an act of relaxation, as opposed to the compulsive oral fix and chemical fix of the cigarette.

The first impression is Olfactory

Your relationship with cigars may first begin with a review of its lovely packaging and beautiful tanned color, derived from the Habano leaves grown in Italy, and produced to quality levels under the Mediterranean sun. Yet it is undeniable that the fragrance emitted from this fine tobacco will make an impact on your palette before the first taste. Take the time to inhale the perfume of the Italian produced Habanos, let it linger in your nose, anticipate the bouquet that you are about to take in.

The Tactile and Audial Experience

Now that the object of your desire is in your hands, the aged textures of the dried tobacco between your fingers are pleasurable and comfortable to feel. Here is the opportunity to incorporate the sense of hearing into your experience by bringing the cigar near the ear and squeezing with light-pressure and listening for the 'singing,' sound produced by the hand-rolled tobacco leaves. The true aficionado can discern levels of humidity and aging from such subtle declarations.

Smoking Intero

Since we have chosen to take our time and reflect upon Italian cigar smoking experience, we shall enjoy our intero, that is whole; as opposed to ammezzato, which, means in two parts (halved). When we are prepared to light the cigar, we must choose lighting methods that will not alter the flavor of the cigar. Stay away from the petrol lighter and the candle of the wax match. When using a match, burn past the sulphur tip. You should be fine with a Swedish type match, the white-hot iron rod, or a gas/butane lighter. What is paramount is that you light the cigar properly by rolling it in your fingers, rounding out the burn equally on the tip.

The cigar will not offer you its full flavor until it reaches its optimal heat (which is about 800 to 900 degrees Fahrenheit). With inhalations and puffs to bring oxygen into the fire, the cigar will burn to the right temperature, but will still need a moment to burn up to the right flavor profile. Now we are exerting all our senses in our search for the flavors and aromas embedded in the smoke. Let the smoke linger in your nasal cavity, allow it to lie upon the tongue's receptors, carefully flex your fingers, and feel your companion and assess its personality.

An Old-World Tradition

Nothing compares to spending time with a good friend, reveling in their company, sharing experiences. This is what happens when you sit down and smoke an Italian produced cigar. It is a singular experience, brought to you by the Old-World craftsmanship of experts and lovers of cigars. Men and women who, for two centuries, have studied the subtleties and life of Cuban tobacco leaves grown in Italy. It is your privilege to enjoy and experience such dedication to craft and taste. As noted aficionado Francesco Testa says, an Italian cigar "is to be smoked with grace.'

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