Perfect Moments. Perfect Cigars.

Posted by Corona Cigar Co. on Nov 2 2016


Perfect Moments. Perfect Cigars.

Picture yourself relaxing on a white-laced hammock enjoying a picturesque oceanfront view of the Pacific. The warmth of the sun is perfectly cooled by the breezy crashing of the waves. As you recline under the shade of a sandy palm tree, you wonder: what could make this moment any more perfect? How about a hand-rolled, perfectly aged luxury cigar!

That’s right! There’s nothing that helps you unwind better than a Montecristo premium cigar. Whether you are enjoying a celebratory Montecristo Classic for the back-nine after birdieing that chip shot; its smooth and creamy draw perfectly complimenting the satisfaction of scoring your card. Or you could be savoring a scotch and Montecristo Espada pairing on the back patio with some old buddies; the bold spice adding flavor and vivacity to the conversation. Whatever the occasion, Montecristo’s even burn and smooth finish always makes for a pleasant repose.

Montecristo offers the full spectrum of wrappers, shapes, and cuts that would please even Churchill’s most particular palate. Perhaps you prefer a mild, silky-smooth Connecticut wrapper and Parejo shape? Then try the Montecristo White Series Vintage Connecticut No.3 cigar. Its gorgeous golden blonde color is as pleasurable to the eye as its silky-smooth smoking experience to the tongue. Or maybe you think boldly, and you want a robustly flavored Habano wrapper with a strong Toro size? Then you need the Monte by Montecristo Toro Single Cigar. Its complex profile and strong flavor beckons for adventure.

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