Pairing The Dalmore and FSG Cigars with “The Nose”

Posted by Corona Cigar Co. on Aug 25 2020

Pairing The Dalmore & FSG Cigars with “The Nose”

Yesterday’s virtual event was definitely one for the books! We were joined by Richard “The Nose” Paterson of the Dalmore Distillery, Drew Estate, Frankie Dranks, the man Jon Drew, and our very own Jeff Borysiewicz, talking all things whiskey and cigars.

It was an honor to have first hand insight from Richard himself, and a treat to learn about the best way to taste whisky and appreciate the unique flavor profiles provided by the many regions in which it is produced. Frankie shared a phenomenal Rusty Nail recipe with viewers, while Jeff discussed the past, present, and future of FSG tobacco in Florida.

Writer, Corona Cigar Co.