Pairing Cigars with Wine for a Lifetime of Enjoyment

Posted by Corona Cigar Co. on Nov 2 2016

CIgar and Wine Pairing

Pairing Cigars with Wine for a Lifetime of Enjoyment

There are many easy comparisons that can be made between cigars and wine. Both cigars and wine take time to ferment and exacting technique to produce. With cigars and wine there is a huge difference between a fine, quality product and a bargain bin option, and the standards for excellence have been fine tuned over centuries of production and handed down generationally.

Everyone can enjoy drinking a glass of wine, but as your knowledge about wine increases, your enjoyment of the wine become more refined. The same is true with cigars. Anyone can enjoy a leisurely smoke, but cigar connoisseurs take the time to learn how to properly humidify, cut, light and smoke a cigar: fine tuning the rhythm that leads to the maximum enjoyment of a fine, full, premium cigar like the Davidoff Aniversario No. 2 Cigar.

Now, quality cigars and fine wine are not just similar in their creation and enjoyment, but they can be paired together with wonderful results. The pairing of wine with cigars is an art form that can take a lifetime to master. When a puff of a cigar is followed by a sip of wine, the experience is magnified as the tastes and aromas mix exquisitely. As you experiment with your own wine pairings, you will want to consider the balance of the cigar, its overall taste, as wel as its aftertaste. Choose a wine that will complement each cigars' specific aftertaste. Different wines will bring out different flavors in the cigar itself, and of course you will learn to adjust the pacing of your puffs and the amount of wine you sip.

When you are first experimenting with pairing wine with cigars you may want to try a sampler pack so you can not the differences in flavor combinations.

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