Pack Cigars for Your Next Golf Trip

Posted by Corona Cigar Co. on Nov 2 2016

Corona Cigar golf ball

Pack Cigars for Your Next Golf Trip

It won't belong before the temperatures start to cool off and we find ourselves with snow on the ground, so now is the time to get all of your favorite summer activities in a few more times before putting them aside for a long six or seven months.

You should definitely be sure to fit in a few more games of golf before most golf courses close for the winter. If you've never enjoyed smoking cigars on the golf course, you are missing out on a great component of a long, fulfilling game of golf.

According to the Westchester magazine article, "How to Mix Cigars and Golf" by Dave Donelson, 

"Cigars and golf go really well together,” according to Kyla Jones, the official Macanudo golf professional. “You need time to smoke a cigar, and you can enjoy one on the golf course without it being rushed. A cigar will last me seven or eight holes.”

The next time you get a foursome together to go enjoy a round of golf, bring cigars along for everyone. If you want to give them a new experience, try the M.J. Frias, which is a mild cigar from the Dominican Republic. If you prefer a fuller cigar, consider the Diamond Crown Maximus; which is a Dominican cigar that boasts an explosion of flavor.

Enjoying cigars during a long game of golf is a great way to close out the summer. Just remember to follow golf course etiquette while smoking. Please contact us to stock up on all your favorite cigars.