New Year's Resolution: Smoke More Premium Cigars!

Posted by Corona Cigar Co. on May 8 2017


New Year's Resolution: Smoke More Premium Cigars!

There's always some hype around the new year about resolving to quit smoking. The campaigns are targeting cigarette smokers who smoke at least a pack a day, and for good reason. The American Lung Association reports the average commercial cigarette contains over 7,000 toxic chemical compounds! Some folks argue that since cigars are not regulated the same as cigarettes, cigars must have the same amount of carcinogens. But ask any cigar smoker, and they will tell you it's just not true.

Let's start with the wrapper: Regular commercial cigarettes are wrapped in a bleached paper, sealed with glue and topped with a filter. Cigars are wrapped in an all natural tobacco leaf which adds maximum flavor and allows for a slower burn which leads to a more enjoyable experience.

What about the tobacco inside? No one will argue that nicotine, the main natural constituent of tobacco, is addictive. Cigarette manufacturers, however, routinely add hundreds of other addictive chemicals and flavorings - so in the end, a cigarette is less tobacco and more chemicals. Premium cigars, on the other hand are all tobacco. Unless any tobacco product is certified organic, the crops were likely sprayed with pesticides and herbicides - but the same applies to apples and oranges, too.

A safer way to smoke? Obviously, flavored cigars are going to have more chemicals and other additives that may be harmful to your health. Choosing premium cigars guarantees you are getting just tobacco, water and vegetable gum ( Because cigars last longer and are traditionally enjoyed in a relaxed environment, cigar smokers generally smoke less than cigarette smokers. If you want to limit yourself to one cigar a day, make it a good one!

Don't inhale! For those of you who are new to the wonderful world of cigars, the first lesson is "don't inhale". This is the crucial fact that leads many (including the Surgeon General) to believe that cigar smoking actually IS less dangerous than cigarette smoking. Rather than hastily chewing down a cigarette, sit down in your comfy chair, light a premium cigar and enjoy the sensation of the most flavorful and pure tobacco dancing on your tongue, tingling in your cheeks and then exhale. Simple as that.

Get started on a resolution that will make all your friends jealous, contact Corona Cigar Company and they'll point you in the right direction for the Ultimate Cigar Experience.