Mild Strength Cigar Brands: Focus on Great Tasting Café Cremes

Posted by Corona Cigar Co. on Nov 2 2016

Cafe Creme cigars

Mild Strength Cigar Brands: Focus on Great Tasting Café Cremes

Café Crème is just one of the many cigar brands that we carry here at Corona Cigar Company. The perfectly priced cigarillo’s signature taste is largely attributed to its Sumatra wrapper and dry-cured, tobacco fillers. Accordingly, we wanted to briefly speak about the various curing methods to help explain this cigar brand's appeal.

By and large, there are four methods cigar manufacturers have been relying on for many years. All involve dry curing but with a twist. Each method uses its own drying agent. The most common are flue, fire, sun and air. The first two drying methods actually involve creating a manmade heat source. The last two, as we’re sure you’ve assumed, rely on nature instead.

All four methods inherently impart different elements into the tobacco. For example, sun, air and fire cured tobaccos tend to lack sweetness. Flue cured leaves, on the other hand, are the exact opposite. Subsequently, the curing method cigar manufacturers choose will have a definitive, lasting effect on their offerings’ flavor profiles. However, it is not the only element at play here.

Harvesting, fermenting, conditioning, mulling, aging and cultivar choice all influence a cigar brand’s final flavor profile too. Scandinavian Tobacco Group is the master behind this well-loved brand. So we can tell you that they tend to use a combination of techniques and materials to produce their mildest cigars. And many of the mild cigarillos are finished with dry cured, Sumatra wrappers.

Sumatra tobacco is native to an archipelago located in the vast, Indian Ocean. It has a tropical climate and some of the best soil that side of the equator. Of course, those excellent growing conditions help boost the international cigar brand’s appeal too. To learn more about Café Crème cigarillos and other mild brands of dry cured, tobacco products, please contact our cigar experts today.