Make a New Year's Resolution to Keep Your Humidor Stocked With Cigars

Posted by Corona Cigar Co. on Nov 2 2016

Year of the monkey

Make a New Year's Resolution to Keep Your Humidor Stocked With Cigars

The holidays lend us all a little magic this time of year. The joy and generosity of the season makes us all feel like anything is possible. It is only fitting that we create our New Year's resolutions while we are still basking in the optimism of holiday cheer.

Most people make resolutions that involve personal improvement. They resolve to lose a few pounds, eat more fresh vegetables or take on new challenges at work. Those all sound like great resolutions, and you should probably give them a shot. However, we also think you should choose at least one resolution that would make you happy and bless your friends and family too.

This year, make a New Year's resolution to keep your humidor stocked. Then, you'll always have a cigar to offer your friends or neighbors when they drop by your house, or when you invite people over for dinner and drinks.

You should always keep a few of your favorite cigars in your humidor, but balance out your old standbys with new cigars that you've never tried. Corona Cigars has a special section of their website where we feature all of the newly released cigars at amazing prices. This is the perfect place to find something you've never tried before, like Davidoff's Limited Edition Cigars, or the luxurious Dunhill Heritage Cigars.

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