Like Tobacco, but New to Cigars? Tips on How to Smoke ‘Em

Posted by Corona Cigar Co. on Nov 2 2016


Like Tobacco, but New to Cigars? Tips on How to Smoke ‘Em

Cigars, cigarettes, and pipes all utilize tobacco, but the methods of smoking each are quite different. Here, we provide a brief guide if you’re new to smoking cigars.

You have to cut a cigar before you smoke it. Cigars have two ends: the one you light is the foot, and the other is called the head. You cut the head to make an opening so you can smoke it while not changing the cigar’s shape. Most people recommend cutting with a straight cut, using a single blade cigar cutter to slice the head off quickly. The wrapper is left on during this procedure.

Next, you will need a cigar lighter. Yes, a regular match will light a cigar, but they are not preferred in the cigar world. Also, stay away from cigarette lighters because as you draw, you may get a taste of the lighter fluid. Cigar torch lighters burn cleaner.

It is important that you do not inhale cigar smoke as you would a cigarette. Cigar smokers hold the smoke in their mouths to savor the flavor before exhaling. To make sure your cigar has an even burn, rotate the cigar occasionally during your smoke.

Now that you know how to smoke, be aware of some of the customs of the cigar world. Though they can be shared with others.

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