Legendary Moviemaker Alfred Hitchcock Smoked Montecristos

Posted by Corona Cigar Co. on Jun 12 2018

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Legendary Moviemaker Alfred Hitchcock Smoked Montecristos

Legendary moviemaker Alfred Hitchcock, rightly dubbed the "master of suspense," had a cigar-smoking habit spanning his adult life. His choice of smokes? The handmade, luxury brand Montecristos. Like fellow countryman, Winston Churchill, Hitch would have felt undressed without his Bowler hat and cigar.

A quick observation

Have you noticed? Many legends, past and present, have the cigar-smoking habit. Presidents, like John F. Kennedy. Statesmen, like the quintessential Winston Churchill. Entertainers, like Sly Stallone and pal Arnold Schwartzenegger. Sports superstars, like Wayne Gretzky and his pal, Mark Messier.

Living at its best when a premium cigar and a favorite beverage is within reach. Relaxing alone or with cigar-smoking pals. 

Bursting on the scene... and early work-life

Maybe it's fitting that the cinematic icon, Alfred Joseph Hitchcock, would close out the last half of the last year of the 19th century, bursting onto the world scene on a summer day. The newborn joined siblings, William and Ellen.

He once said that he couldn't remember ever having had a playmate as a child. That's not always a negative. For the young Hitch, his fertile imagination was likely working, developing, his considerable creative talents.

Hitch went to work in 1915 for a telegraph company. In his spare time, he frequented the cinema, that creative mind obviously gobbling up all he could see for later use, never suspecting it at the time.

Four years later, he stepped into his future world, putting to use his artistic skills, drawing movie sets.

Another momentous happening? Meeting the woman who would become his wife and collaborator. Alma was the love of his life.   

Success in England and where it led

As a film director in England, Hitch enjoyed success throughout the '20s and '30s.

He caught the eye of David O. Selznick, who wanted Hitch to direct Rebecca. Alma and Hitch and their pre-teen daughter, Patricia, moved to Hollywood in 1939. Part two of Hitchcock's illustrious film career was underway.

Rebecca earned Best Picture in 1940, Hitch's only Academy award. But he wasn't short-changed on other industry recognition. More than 15 awards included five Academy Award nominations for best director.

For all lovers of suspense

Hitchcock created films to please any lover of suspense, 53 of them. An unrecognized "award" he would likely have appreciated is their availability. Catch films like Psycho, or Saboteur, his second Hollywood film, Dial 'M' for Murder, and his favorite, Shadow of a Doubt, on movie channels, almost anytime, day or night.

The innovator of camera techniques that made viewers into voyeurs, Hitch had a pure gut feeling for how to please both audiences and the box office.

He burst onto the network TV scene in 1955, and for 10 years, Hitch with his unforgettable caricature profile became a viewing staple. He introduced every Alfred Hitchcock Presents' episode with wit and charm.

In 1976, it was fitting that he closed out the last decade of his life, directing his last movie, Family Plot.

One spring day

Alfred Joseph Hitchcock received perhaps his greatest personal achievement of all -- Knight of the British Empire (KBE) -- for his significant cinematic achievements, four months before he passed away as Sir Alfred Hitchcock, one spring day in 1980.

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