Learn about the Prominent Cigar Flavors

Posted by Corona Cigar Co. on Oct 20 2018


Learn about the Prominent Cigar Flavors

For some people, a cigar is a cigar. Generally, they all give off similar smells and taste like tobacco should. However, for others, every cigar is a new experience with bursts of tasting notes and flavors. Experts will often remind newbie cigar smokers to take their time. They should learn about the way in which the tobacco was grown and how the flavor was blended with intention. Seasoned cigar smokers typically will note that there are prominent cigar flavors that will always be a staple in the industry. Below are the top four famous cigar flavors that you must try.


There are a few different flavors that can fall into a spice category. When someone says they taste a certain spice in a cigar, they could be describing anything from a touch of cinnamon to a heavy cayenne, or even a burst of licorice. There are several different notes that can fall into the spice category. Blending these everyday cooking spices into a cigar can wake up your senses and is well worth your time.


Some people have a hard time identifying an earthy taste to a cigar. Since tobacco comes from the earth, aren’t they all earthy? While this can be true to an extent, a good earthiness flavor can contain a wide blend of minerals, rich soil, saltiness, or even freshly cut grass.


There’s always something amazing about taking in the aromas of a cigar that’s bursting with coffee or espresso beans. A blend of a clean tobacco flavor with the supporting notes of coffee can make anyone a cigar lover.


Some will see a fruit flavor noted on a label and become cautious of something too sweet or pungent with watermelon or berries. While you should always be wary of a cigar with too much fruit, one that carries a fruity note in a subtle but prominent way can make the perfect cigar. Don’t hesitate to try a fruit-forward cigar in your favorite online cigar store.