Learn More About Florida Sun Grown

Posted by Corona Cigar Co. on Mar 24 2017

Learn More About Florida Sun Grown

Florida Sun Grown Cigars are the only cigars born and raised right here in sunny Florida.

Jeff Borysiewicz, owner of Corona Cigar Co. and Florida Sun Grown or FSG, operates the only registered tobacco farm in all of Florida.

Florida has a long and storied history of growing fine cigar tobacco.

In recent history, Florida Sun Grown was born. In 2012, the first test crop of tobacco was planted. A few years of crops and careful aging, the tobacco started finding its way into cigars.

Most U.S. tobacco is grown in Connecticut, Pennsylvania and Kentucky but many companies avoid producing tobacco in the states due to higher wage requirements and operational costs, but this didn't faze Jeff, he knew he wanted a USA grown product and soared over the hurdles it took to get there one-by-one.

Today, FSG is in full-swing. FSG cigars are produced in small batches and Florida Sun Grown tobacco is extremely limited. If you're a cigar fan, connoisseur or simply casual smoker you'd be remiss not to try these distinctly flavorful cigars.

Jeff Borysiewicz explains the planting process at the FSG farm in Clermont, Florida.

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