Improving your Experience with Cigar Humidifiers

Posted by Corona Cigar Co. on Jun 2 2020

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Improving your Experience with Cigar Humidifiers

The Corona Cigar company offers you not only the best cigar collection from across multiple countries but also has a significant variety of humidors for those cigars to maintain the tobacco leaves and keep the flavor and taste consistent over time. For those cigar aficionados, selecting a humidor is an important part of the whole cigar smoking experience. Anyone taking their first step into the "cigar world" will want to learn all about keeping their cigars fresh and humid as they go.

The Basics

Some basic things to keep in mind with cigar humidity include where to store them, how tight to pack cigars together and humidor maintenance. There are more than just these, of course, but these basics are just some things to keep in mind to ensure your cigars remain fresh for as long as possible.

Don't Store them too tight

It's important to avoid packing cigars together too tightly because one important aspect of maintaining humidity is that the various cigars you have packed together need to have enough loose space that it doesn't cut off airflow or your cigars may end up getting moldy as a result.

Maintaining Temperature Levels

Another important factor is the temperature of the storage unit you're using to keep your cigars in to maintain their humidity. It's important that this storage unit stay at a consistent temperature of below 75 degrees. If they must go above that temperature then it shouldn't be for longer than 24 hours or these cigars can end up being infested with tobacco beetles; admittedly not something you want to find in your cigar when you go to have a smoke.

If you happen to be new to the whole cigar smoking space then we here at the Corona Cigar Company are here to help you get that humidity you'll need to maintain your cigar quality. If you need any assistance with this then please contact us today and we will be more than happy to assist you!