Hygrometers Make Great Gift Ideas for Boss

Posted by Corona Cigar Co. on Nov 2 2016

Hygrometers Make Great Gift Ideas for Boss

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Cigar enthusiasts use hygrometers to measure the humidity in the air in a specific environment. Placed inside humidors, they regulate the air in which the cigars are stored. Cigars must be stored in perfect conditions to retain their flavor and texture. Manufactured in both mechanical and electrical types, hygrometers must be calibrated at least once a year to retain accuracy.

Mechanical, or analog, hydrometers are also known as hair hydrometers for the use of horsehair to detect moisture in the air. When exposed to humidity the dead cells in the hair absorb the water and lengthens across a metal pointer specifying the range of humidity.

An electrical, or digital, hydrometer uses silicon plates mounted on metal sheets and attached to a battery by wires. When water accumulates in the air, an electrical wave passes from the battery and indicates on-screen humidity levels.

An accurate hydrometer is essential to the cigar collector. The level of humidity is a major factor in the aroma and taste of a cigar. Both types of hydrometers can accurately judge humidity. Analog hydrometers have a more traditional appeal. Some factor about the aesthetics of an analog hydrometer and a wooden humidor that appeals to many cigar enthusiasts. Digital hydrometers are more accurate, however, which makes them a popular choice as well.

Gift ideas for the boss are never easy but this one will definitely score you some points. Its helpful and practical but with a classy edge that defines it. 

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