Humidors for Your Cigars

Posted by Corona Cigar Co. on Jan 19 2017


Humidors for Your Cigars

What is a humidor and why do your cigars need one? Technically, your cigars don't need a humidor ... if you don't mind them being stale and tasteless. If you want your cigars to taste properly, then investing in a humidor is a wise notion.

A humidor is a box or room used to store cigars, cigarettes, and even pipe tobacco. A humidor has constant humidity, which keeps the tobacco from drying out and ruining the flavor. Humidors also protect your tobacco from insects.

While a tobacco shop will usually have a separate room as a walk-in humidor, for the average cigar aficionado a box or cabinet is sufficient. In addition to selling the finest cigars, we also offer humidors.

We have large, handcrafted wooden humidors, which hold from one hundred to two hundred cigars, depending on the model. Some are teak, some are mahogany, and one is a one-of-a-kind David Clement masterpiece: carved of hardwood, and decorated with hand-painted glass and mirror pieces.

Our medium humidors hold fifty to ninety cigars. Some are carved from zebrawood, others from oak or cherry. These humidors are examples of the finest craftsmanship, and will have a place of pride in your office or dining room for years.

Our smaller humidors hold fifteen to forty cigars, and are just as carefully shaped and decorated as the larger models. Whether you want a glass top or solid wood -- Brazilian rosewood, perhaps? -- you can find a handsome humidor that will preserve your cigars and ornament your home. We also offer travel humidors, so your cigars will stay safe and sound whether you're on a business trip or on holiday.

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