Humidors: Getting the Most Out of Your Investment

Posted by Corona Cigar Co. on Nov 2 2016


Humidors: Getting the Most Out of Your Investment

If you want to keep your cigars at their optimal freshness then you will want to invest in a quality humidor. A humidor is an special box or a room designed to store and age cigars. To ensure accurate moisture, the humidity level should range between 70 to 75%. If your cigars become to dry, they can be prone to cracking and shrinking.

The beauty of every humidor is reflected from the inside out. Most interior linings are made from either Spanish or American cedar. Some use Honduran mahogany.

Spanish cedar is a member of the Mahogany family that is imported from Brazil and other countries of Central and South America. It is often preferred because of the unique spicy aroma that acts as a repellent against tobacco worms. Furthermore, it has a high capacity for moisture absorption which helps prevent mold.

American cedar has a high resistance to decay and a low resin secretion. If you are a cigar novice this may be a good choice because of its economic value.

Honduran mahogany has the same humidity qualities as Spanish cedar however, is not as fragrant. Over time the scent of the cigar can overtake the wood, making the lining prone to tobacco worms. Like American cedar it is also quite affordable.

Humidor Classification
A Walk-in is commonly used by cigar bars or stores. It is usually a room that is either built or converted to be used as a humidor.

Cabinet humidors are usually stored on the floor like a piece of furniture. The humidor's beauty will often accentuate the room, giving it a touch of elegance. On average they can hold 1000-5000.

Table humidors are usually kept in a central location because they are often quite heavy. They come in a variety of materials such as leather, marble, glass or traditional wood. The capacity ranges from approximately three hundred to several thousand.

Personal humidors are small and may be used by those who are semi-regular smokers. They can often be kept for personal storage or displayed on special occasions. The capacity ranges between 20-75.

Travel humidors may be enjoyed by both the novice and aficionado smoker. The capacity is usually between 2-10.

A well built humidor will increase its asset value by maintaining the freshness of your cigars. Whether simple or extravagant, the materials used is a matter of personal preference. Choose the humidor that fits your lifestyle and indulge in your investment.

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