How to Spot a Fake Cuban Cigar

Posted by Corona Cigar Co. on Jan 24 2019

Cuban cigar

How to Spot a Fake Cuban Cigar

With the widespread manufacture of counterfeit products, Cuban cigars are not an exception in any way. However, there are signs to look out for to separate the real cigar deals from the fake ones. So much information about cigars is available on cigar deals, and this makes it easy for cigar enthusiasts to know how bogus Cuban looks like and to avoid being duped. At Corona Cigar Company, we seek to enlighten our clients, and below we have compiled some tips to help you spot fakes from genuine.

Number of Cigars in a Packet

Some Cuban cigars may come in varying packaging in terms of count. For example, Cohiba Behike BHK strictly comes in packages of 10. Amazingly, you will find a pack of 25 out in the street. This should be an outright indication of a fake.


A box of real Cuban is made with certain proportionality. This includes the same size cigars, color, and even the general alignment of one cigar to the next. If what you are purchasing does not fit into this symmetrical description then you know it is a fake.


Many times, fake cigars are sold at an unrealistic low price, and this should be alarming in differentiating real Cuban products from counterfeits.


If the cigar does not burn out to a grey ash or with a salt and pepper look, it is definitely a fake.


Proper packaging is not necessarily a guarantee of genuine Cuban. Nevertheless, poor packaging is an easy way of identifying a fake. Inspect your cigar sampler deals and ensure the packaging has the Habanos label, the Cuba guarantee seal, and stamps. Genuine cigar deals online take into account proper embossing, color, and the correct details.

Check the Lid

Packaging for Cuban cigars does not have any clear lids. Lucite, glass, or clear lids is definitely a counterfeit.

Check the Head

Cuban cigars have a mounted head finishing commonly known as three-some caps. A sloppy or rounded head is the first telltale sign of a cigar made elsewhere. However, other manufacturers also make their cigars with rounded heads, and thus this factor should not be your only determining factor.

For cigar deals online, purchase from trusted dealers such as Corona Cigar Company. Do not attempt to buy from just any vendor that you bump into in the streets. Most importantly, do your inspection of the cigar using the tips above.