How to Select a Cigar Humidor

Posted by Corona Cigar Co. on Nov 29 2016

How to Select a Cigar Humidor

Your cigars will retain their flavor and give you significantly more enjoyment if you age them properly in a quality humidor. Humidors are more than just storage boxes. Ideally, your humidor should keep your cigars fresh and age them to bring out their subtle flavors, but at worst a poorly-made humidor will steal flavors and lower your enjoyment of your favorite brands. When you are selecting a humidor, consider the following characteristics.

-Size matters. You should select a humidor that can hold roughly twice as many cigars as you normally keep. Anything smaller will force you to store your cigars in too close a proximity to each other, causing flavors to blend. Anything larger will create too much space that can cause your cigars to dry out.

-Solid wood, or veneer? Veneer will be less expensive but veneer layers in a poorly-made humidor will separate over time and your humidor will lose its integrity. Consider solid wood if you can afford it, or a better quality veneer from a quality craftsman.

-Check the seal. Take a fresh, crisp bill and close it into the seal. If you can pull the bill out, the seal is not tight enough and your cigars will suffer. Alternately, if you drop the humidor's lid from a slight opening and you can hear the extra air escaping from the humidor as the lid falls, the seal is probably good.

-Spanish cedar is traditional. All wood is a living and breathing substance that can expand and contract in response to its environment. Spanish cedar holds its shape better than other woods and lends a pleasing aromatic quality to your humidor.

-Do not ignore the hardware. Solid brass hinges and clasps are traditional in quality humidors. Brass will add to the humidor's longevity and its visual aesthetic appeal.

-Examine the humidity control system. Better humidors include humidifiers and hygrometers to maintain a constant level of humidity. Your tobacconist can explain the many available options.

The Corona Cigar Company offers a broad range of humidors for storage of your prize cigars. Please contact us for answers to your questions about storing your cigars and for advice on selecting the best humidor to enhance your cigar-smoking pleasure.